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Sleepwell anti snoring appliance in Portishead Bristol

Is snoring ruining your relationship?

  Most of us snore from time to time, but if disrupted sleep is affecting your relationship, the answer may be simpler than you thought. For severe sufferers who gasp and choke at night or fall asleep during dinner, there are medical interventions – but the NHS isn’t really there to provide solutions for the…

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sustainable dentistry in portishead

Sustainability and Dental Products

It cannot be denied that the daily oral hygiene regime advocated by the dental team includes products derived from plastics. Alternatives are coming to market, but the safety, ethics and sustainability of them should not compromised. Hopefully this short blog may shed some light on the professional concerns and offer a better understanding to alternative…

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bristol dental veneer smile makeover

The Power of a Beautiful Smile

What a difference a smile makes...... Everyone has a different reason to get up in the morning and go to work. It might be for the money, to escape the children, to relieve the boredom, or maybe because you love what you do. I am often asked why I became a dentist, it's not everyone's…

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dental health advice in bristol

6 Tips for a Younger Looking Smile

At Evolve Dentistry, a lot of the patients we see want to improve their smile or would like to have a younger looking smile. We are always happy to advise on how this can be achieved, whether this involves just a little tweak or longer term treatment. Age should never be a reason not to…

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