Are you looking for cheap Orthodontics? Is your priority to keep within a budget? Cheap is not always the best option, but lower cost is great! Here are our lower cost orthodontic options.


You don’t want anyone to know that you are wearing a brace? Maybe your job means that you have to look your best all the time, then you want to look at the invisible orthodontic options such as Invisalign or Incognito, only you will know you are wearing a brace.




Fast Orthodontics, the options

Whatever the reason, maybe you’re getting married, maybe you just like to get things done quickly, if your priority is to have straighter teeth as fast as you can then take a look at these options.


Whether you want a removable brace, an invisible brace or one that will give you results quickly, at Evolve we have a wide range of options to suit every lifestyle and budget, take a look at these options.


If you are not sure which brace is best for you, we invite you to a free consultation with our treatment co-ordinator, Julie, who can explain the advantages and disadvantages of all the braces that we offer at Evolve.

Your consultation fee with our specialist orthodontist includes:

  • An initial consultation, lasting up to an hour, to find out what you want to change and how we can help you
  • All necessary x-rays, photos and impressions for study models
  • A written detailed treatment plan
  • A second review appointment if you need it to discuss your treatment further
  • Cost £60

All orthodontic treatment at Evolve includes:

  • All your appointments to have your brace fitted and adjusted
  • All materials required
  • Emergency appointments (within reason)
  • Fixed and removable retainers at the end of your treatment
  • Home tooth whitening when your brace is taken off (worth £249)
  • Review appointments at the end of your treatment for up to a year

Book your free consultation with Julie our Treatment Co-ordinator to find out about which treatment will best suit your budget and lifestyle


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