Case Study – Helen

Helen had lived for years with a smile she was afraid to show. She had never been content with her own teeth, often comparing herself to others and feeling continuously self-conscious. Helen would even refuse to show her teeth when smiling for photographs, and often found herself instinctively covering her mouth when laughing in public. After countless years of searching, and endless rejections – deemed a ‘complicated case’ – Helen came to an Evolve Dentistry open evening to begin her journey towards the stunning smile she deserves.
The goal for Helen was to achieve the perfect straight, and white, smile that she desired. Overcrowding had meant that everyday cleaning had become increasingly difficult. Helen also explained that she was very sensitive to dentist treatments and had previously often felt considerable discomfort during procedures.
The Right First Impression
First impressions are a crucial factor in ensuring Evolve patients feel comfortable and confident with their decision, and Helen was no exception to this rule. Meeting with Treatment Co-Ordinator, Julie, Clinical Director, Carol, and Specialist Orthodontist, Lisa, Helen was fully briefed on all the options available to her. Despite her confidence, financial circumstances and an exciting new arrival, meant that Helen had to put a hold on her plans. The team at Evolve were quick to assure her that whenever she was ready and able, they were available to continue with her consultation and treatment.
Ready to Begin
When the time was right, Helen returned to Evolve to book her first appointment. Along with our Treatment Co-Ordinator Julie, Helen was able to decide on a course of treatment that would improve the issues that caused her concern. Orthodontic treatment provided the best option to improve the overcrowding Helen was experiencing, and with Evolves range of procedures Helen was able to find the most cost-effective solution to suit her lifestyle. Helen also opted for a BioClear Bonding Treatment after her braces were removed to put the finishing polish to ensure she achieved her perfect smile makeover.
Dental Anxiety
Anxiety was a significant issue for Helen, and one of the primary reasons that she had found it so difficult to undertake procedures previously. Julie was there every step of the way, however, offering suggestions of alternative techniques to provide her with the most comfortable experience. Julie also provided Helen with individual relaxation and calming suggestions prior to each appointment. With continuous support throughout the process, Helen felt confident and reassured, with a professional and supportive team always on hand to help with any concerns.
The team at Evolve were delighted to give Helen the stunning smile she had always dreamed of, and to hear that the results went far beyond her expectations. But don’t just take their word for it:
            “Everybody was friendly and helpful… I smile a lot more and I now have photos of me showing my teeth!! At work, I have more confidence to speak at meetings and don’t hide my mouth when I laugh. Friend and family have said, wow your teeth, they look incredible! For anybody that had a brace as a teenager, and still not happy, you can do something about it if you find the right orthodontists…I did!”
                                                                                                                                     – Helen
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