Get a beautiful smile in 3 steps - ABC - Align, Bleach, Contour, the natural alternative to veneers

Get a beautiful smile in 3 steps – ABC – Align, Bleach, Contour, the natural alternative to veneers

Veneers have long been accepted as the best way to get a fantastic smile and work very well in a lot of cases. They don’t suit everyone though. They are artificial and some dislike the idea of this. They also represent a permanent change to your mouth, are expensive and can involve further costs after being fitted as they may need repairing if they chip or break.

What if we told you that getting the same effect with your own teeth was as easy as ABC? Here’s how…

A – Align

The heavy, unsightly braces of yesterday are a thing of the past, so don’t be put off at the thought of having your teeth aligned. With new developments such as clear brackets, we can use a range of techniques to bring your crooked teeth into alignment. Alignment results in perfectly straight teeth, the first stage in a beautiful smile.

B – Bleaching

Once teeth are aligned the next barrier to overcome may be their colour. Stained teeth compromise the ideal we want. We can bleach or whiten teeth to a flattering, brighter shade using a gel which is activated by specialised lights or lasers.

C – Contouring

Perfectly straight white teeth are what we’re going for, so you may think we’re there with the completion of the first two stages, but there are some final touches we may want to employ to get that truly perfect look. Tooth contouring involves gently filing one or several teeth to produce a better shape or size to suit the overall appearance of your smile.

And that’s it, three simple steps to the perfect smile, just your own teeth, no veneers! If you’d like to find out more about this technique and if it could work for you, get in touch with us today.


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