Inman Aligners

Evolve DentistsAn Inman Aligner is essentially a ‘wonder brace’ It is a removable appliance which, by exerting continuous gentle pressure, corrects misaligned or crowded front teeth in just 6-16 weeks. This means you get a straighter smile faster and don’t have to have any healthy tooth surface removed as is the case with dental veneers.

So if you want a healthy, tooth saving, quick option to gappy or uneven teeth, then the Inman Aligner may be the answer for you.

Inman Aligner Certified Dentists

Each Dentist that wishes to prescribe the remarkable Inman aligner orthodontic system needs to attend training and become a licensed Inman Aligner dentist this means you can be assured of the best orthodontic treatment from our dental practice in Portishead, Bristol.

The Inman aligner is removable, fast and represents a totally new concept in cosmetic dentistry. Because of this the cost of orthodontic treatment is kept lower and the Inman Aligner is often the cheapest orthodontic treatment available from the options we have here.

To ensure a really great result you could even have teeth whitening to ensure your straight new smile truly gleams.

The Inman aligner works by applying gentle and constant pressure to your teeth using a revolutionary type of spring. The Inman aligner treatment from our Bristol practice offers one of the most rapid treatments for squint, crooked or uneven front teeth.

This treatment also keeps the cost of orthodontic treatment to a minimum, when coupled with the rapid treatment this makes it one of the most popular orthodontic options.

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