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We provide a variety of treatments for our patients, below are some before and after images demonstrating the results that we can achieve.


My journey with Lisa has been very nice! I was expecting the agony but Lisa made me feel very assured about everything. Lisa had been very lovely and kind and I hope whoever else has her will enjoy the experience as much as I did.

Evolve Dentists

To anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or smile, please speak to the team at Evolve and explore your options. It’s a game changer – believe me!
Evolve Dentists

What can I say…great results! Great staff! The brace was daunting…it not so bad.

A few days to get use to it, learn how to smile and be confident wearing it. Not many people even noticed I had one on. Was it worth it – definitely. It makes me feel better in my appearance now it’s off. I won’t miss it though

Evolve Dentists

Alex Review:
Great service from all staff from first consultation to last.

Lisa provided excellent explanation throughout, talking me through the process and the aim of the various adjustments made to my brace. Fantastic customer service always made me feel very welcome. Overall, very pleased with my new smile!!!

Evolve Dentists

I have increased confidence, I am more comfortable dealing with people and I don’t mind people seeing my teeth now. My only regret is not doing years if not decades ago.

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