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Do you have missing teeth? Are you unable to enjoy your favourite foods? Do you hide your smile because of gaps?

Missing teeth can impact your self-esteem and make it difficult for you to chew food. Gaps in your teeth can also affect the look of your cheeks, making you appear older than you are. Dentures may be the solution for you.

Dentures are removable teeth that are a great way to replace missing teeth. Whether you’ve worn dentures before that have now become worn and need replacing, or you have a lot of teeth missing and need your first set of dentures. They are a great alternative to implants if they aren’t suitable for you, or, are too expensive.

Dr. Mike Gregory

Mike has over 40 years of experience working in dentistry, having originally trained as a technician, before he qualified as a dentist at Bristol University. He has spent the last 25 years as a part time Teaching Fellow at the Dental School in Bristol sharing his passion for the subject teaching the undergraduates.

Mike provides beautiful, natural looking dentures here at Evolve Dentistry. He uses his vast experience to craft the dentures doing most of the technical work himself to ensure that he achieves your exact requirements, providing a personal service with an exceptional level of care.

What do Mike’s patients say about him?

“To talk about the possibility of having a top set of dentures was a daunting fact. But from the moment I met Mike Gregory at the initial consultation, most of my fears were put aside as he fully explained what the procedure was and how each stage of the process would develop. Both Mr Gregory and his dental assistant jess, were friendly, informative and professional during the whole treatment and I would certainly recommend them to any future patients requiring dentures in the future.”

“Mike made me very relaxed and has made me smile again today.  The denture is very comfortable and I can now be photographed from every angle. An excellent job.”

“I followed Mr Gregory to Evolve because I was in need of a new denture. Knowing that this requirement would produce something of a challenge in view of my small mouth and pronounced overbite, I felt that only his tried and tested technique, honed over many years would produce perfection. I have exactly that!”

“I am so pleased that I chose Evolve for my treatment. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. From the wonderful receptionists to your chosen practitioner, you are treated not as another number in a busy day, but as a valued friend. Every care is taken to meet your personal needs and requirements. A marvellous experience.” Thank you.

Patient review dentures in Portishead
Benefits of dentures

  • A natural, beautiful smile
  • You’ll be able to eat all of your favourite foods
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Long lasting solution to missing teeth
  • Restore your appearance due to cheeks not sagging

What are the advantages of having dentures?

Having new dentures will give you a confidence boost as you will have a new, natural looking smile. You’ll be able to eat a wide range of foods and know that your natural teeth are now being supported again.

What type of dentures do you offer?

  • Acrylic dentures are false teeth attached to an acrylic base plate, it’s possible to add additional teeth to the denture in the future should you need it.
  • Cobalt chrome dentures have a metal base plate that sits on and around the natural teeth. False teeth are attached to the base plate using acrylic.
  • Implant retained dentures are held firmly in place with dental implants, giving a bite that’s comparable to natural teeth.
  • Crown retained dentures – custom crowns are fitted, after which a denture is made. The crown and the dentures dovetail together, providing a comfortable fit for your dentures.
New dentures by Mike Gregory

What is the process of getting new dentures?

You will meet with Mike for your initial consultation, which usually takes approximately 30 minutes. During this appointment Mike will carry out an examination and discuss your options with you.

At the following appointment, Mike will take impressions of your teeth, from which he will make models and a special tray to take further, more detailed impressions at your next appointment.

Prior to your next appointment, Mike will make mock-ups of your new dentures to ensure that you are completely happy with the fit, before your new dentures are handmade. At your last appointment, Mike will fit your new denture and you will leave with your beautiful new smile. A follow up appointment will be booked for you to return to allow Mike to check the fit of the dentures and ensure that you are completely happy with them.


Will it hurt?

You should not feel any pain during the process of having your new dentures fitted.

How do I care for my dentures?

Plaque can build up on denture in the same way as it can on natural teeth so it’s important to ensure you look after them as if they were your own teeth to avoid gum disease.

You should remove your dentures and clean them thoroughly with a soft brush, they should be rinsed and kept in an airtight container when you aren’t wearing them at night.

You must ensure that you keep your mouth clean too by gently brushing your gums and tongue with a soft brush.

Will denture affect my speech?

You may find that you need a few days to get used to your new dentures, but, once you are used to them you should find that your speech isn’t affected, you’ll soon be back to speaking normally.


What do other dentists say about Mike?

“It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Mike Gregory. I have known Mike for over 20 years. For many years we worked together in Bristol Dental School and Hospital where Mike still works as a clinical teacher of Removable Proshodontics (dentures) for the undergraduate dental students.

Professor Daryll Jagger

“I have had the good fortune to know Mike Gregory over the last twenty five years, both as a colleague and a friend. I referred all my difficult cases to him, always assured of a successful result! My sister, needing a metal upper partial denture for the first time, having had it fitted, has never had to return for any clinical readjustment! My husband (also a Dental Surgeon) and I are both patients of Mike Gregory’s, as are most of my friends and acquaintances.

Dr Emily Tingle

I first started using Mike Gregory after a stressful case, that I couldn’t manage, after endless retry appointments I gave up and sent her to Mike. The result was so amazing, and the patient was so delighted I now try and send all my denture patients to him. He really is the master of the dark art of dentures.

Dr Katherine Leeming BDS MFDS RCS (Ed)

Dr Mike Gregory has a unique knowledge and skill base, which marries his clinical and technical expertise to produce excellent quality denture work. Understanding and meeting his patients’ needs are of utmost importance to Dr Mike Gregory. With his caring manner and down to earth approach he can put even the most nervous patients at ease.

Dr Rebecca Wignall BSc BDS PG Cert

I have known Mike for a few years now and have grown to respect him, not only owing to his removable prosthodontic acumen but also his teaching fervour. Undergraduate students, general dentists and post graduates surround him every lunchtime and occasionally after work to decipher their patient cases especially with regards to denture designing- a dark art indeed. His passion for teaching and for improving clinical service I feel is growing with time, as to hold these high standards and pushing for excellence even after 27years of clinical teaching is highly commendable. As a prosthodontist, it is indeed inspirational to see his cases and the results he has achieved which occasionally serve a well needed ‘kick up my back side’.

Musaab Siddiqui  BDS MFDSRCS(Ed) MClinDent Pros MPRosRCS(Ed) MDTFEd PGCME FHEA

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