Child Dental Health Plan

Here at Evolve Dentistry Portishead, we invite you to take advantage of our Child Dental Health Plan. Whether you live in the Portishead area or beyond, everyone can get involved with the scheme and enjoy the benefits of stress-free child dental care.

Our main aim is to provide children with the very best, high quality dental care and treatment whilst offering a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment. At Evolve, we are committed to educating your child in the best oral hygiene health and habits to set them up for life.

Conditions such as tooth decay and child tooth trauma are the most common oral diseases and conditions in children. Tooth decay is easy to prevent and should be kept well at bay with a comprehensive yet simple oral hygiene routine. It’s beneficial beyond words to get your child into healthy habits and twice-daily brushing practise from an early age, which is why we educate as well as treat at Evolve. After all, good habits in childhood will ultimately lead to a lifetime of good oral health.

We’re all too aware of the “rough and tumble” of childhood. With hobbies like skateboarding, mountain biking and scooting on the up rise, unfortunately so are child tooth-loss numbers! Tooth traumas such as losing a tooth or significant damage, are all to common. Remember, a knocked out tooth, even a baby tooth, is a dental emergency and should not be taken lightly in any case, especially not in children where it can affect future mouth and dental development. If it’s an adult tooth that has come out, do not scrub the tooth if it’s dirty, place it in milk, wrap it in clingfilm or tuck it into the cheek of your child and seek immediate dental help, it may be possible to re-implant the tooth . If your child knocks out a baby tooth, you shouldn’t try to re-implant it because you may damage the adult tooth growing underneath but do make sure you can locate the tooth to ensure that it has not been inhaled. Take your child to see a dentist as soon as possible.

To prevent tooth trauma, perhaps consider appropriate mouth guards for ultimate safety when playing sport. If your child plays a sport such as rugby, cricket or hockey, there is always a risk of being hit with a ball in the mouth. Especially in these games where the balls are unmistakably harder than in games such as tennis or netball. Thankfully, child tooth trauma is covered by the emergency assistance scheme here at Evolve if your child has their own membership. As a preventative whilst playing sports, mouth guards and gum shields have come on tremendously in recent years and can now be made by dentists to fit your child’s mouth precisely. This involves taking a mould of your teeth, which will then be used to make the mouth guard, to shield and protect the teeth and gums. Although costlier than the traditional “boil and bite” mouth guards, these will fit well and ensure maximum safety, something that simply cannot be overlooked.

Taking into consideration the above, we have created a Child Dental Health Plan. DPAS will make a separate arrangement to manage your payments under the plan and will allow Evolve to plan your child’s dental care more effectively. Regular Healthy Mouth Reviews, combined with excellent oral hygiene at home, will reduce the need for fillings and extractions. Our child members are invited to our one to one oral health education sessions to help them learn the best way to look after their teeth and gums at home.

We will ensure a high level of expert dental care throughout your child’s pivotal years. Should an occasion should arise where your child needs an extraction or specific dental work, the plan will ensure your child’s care will be at a discounted rate of up to 20%.

The plan also includes a Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme for emergencies you may have at home or away. An absolute essential when travelling or holidaying with children! For more information, visit our website or call our team today!

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