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24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL

24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL

8th June 2020

We are very much looking forward to reopening on the 15th June but it won’t be business as usual. As we are still at a national risk level 4, we are not able to offer any routine appointments but will be focusing on urgent and essential dental care. As soon as we are advised that we can start offering more routine care, we will let you know but it’s unlikely to be before July at the earliest.

In the meantime, we thought it would help you to prepare for our new normal. Here are a few changes that you will notice at Evolve:

  • We have put up sneeze screens on reception
  • We have had to take away our magazines, tea and coffee
  • You will need to use hand sanitiser when you arrive
  • The chairs in reception have been changed to plastic ones as we have to wipe them
  • You must have an appointment if you come in to the practice
  • Please don’t bring anything extra with you such as shopping
  • Unless absolutely necessary, please attend by yourself
  • We will be sending you out forms electronically for you to fill out prior to your appointment
  • We have to ask you pre-screening COVID 19 questions prior to your appointment and again on the day of your appointment
  • We will be asking for payment for your treatment over the phone the day before your treatment
  • We may ask you to wait in your car until we can see you so that we have as few people reception as possible
  • Our toilet facilities are not in general use, only for emergencies, please go before you come
  • Once your appointment is over, you will need to leave as soon as possible
  • You will be given a bag to put your coat in and a bag for valuables
  • If you do need to wait in reception, you will be given a facemask to wear
  • We might do a video consultation prior to your appointment to assess your need, we have to do everything we can to keep the number of times that you visit the practice to a minimum
  • We might not be able to offer you the exact time of appointment you want as we have to schedule vulnerable and extremely vulnerable patients at certain times of day
  • We will be in full PPE so may look a bit different but it’s still us underneath it all

These are not my rules but we have had to implement all these measures in accordance to the guidance we have received. I hope this is not forever but it will be for a few months.It has been an extremely challenging time for us all, this is new for all of us and we may not get it right straight away but we are trying our best to make sure we here to look after you, please be patient.

Carol Somerville Roberts – Clinical Director

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Evolve Dentistry | Dentist in Portishead, Somerset

24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL


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