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Our goal is to provide patients with care that lasts a lifetime. We are very happy to have received a huge quantity of feedback from our patients, some of which we’ve included below.

We provide a variety of treatments for our patients, if you want to see the results for yourself have a look at our before and after pictures demonstrating the results that we can achieve.

Jonathan suggested a bite guard after a consultation revealed TMJ, I had been suffering with facial and neck pain. I have seen various other professionals for this discomfort over the past few years and with no relief other than through pain medication. After using the bite guard for four weeks I have noticed a big difference, the headaches, facial pain and neck pain has improved so much that I have not needed to start my day with painkillers. Thank you to Jonathan for your patience and help with this, I had almost given up hope.

I am very please with the final results of my orthodontic treatment. The staff are very friendly and helpful and helped relieve the stress of this process. The few issues with the brace were quickly resolved with no fuss. Lisa has been lovely throughout and has kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you for my smile

The best decision I’ve ever made, the overall experience from start to finish was fantastic. My teeth moved surprisingly quicker than expected which was a bonus. I couldn’t be happier with Evolves customer care. I would highly recommend to anyone.

I would definitely recommend Evolve Dentistry. I started with Carol as a very nervous patient. All the staff are lovely and make you feel so at ease. I almost look forward to visiting the Dentist now! I am more than happy with the treatment I have received at Evolve.

I’ve had my amalgams removed at Evolve dentistry and the whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Carol and the whole team of staff was so friendly and welcoming. Carol was really experienced and an expert. I would recommend anyone to have their teeth done at Evolve dentistry. Fabulous and thank you Evolve Dentistry.

Amazing, so happy with all my treatment. I never use to smile until I met Carol and now after all her hard work I smile all the time, just to show off my teeth. Carol is very kind and gentle, I had a fear of dentists until I met Carol, thank you so much.

I have received fantastic treatment at Evolve Dentistry during the past few months. I was very concerned about the impact that mercury amalgam fillings were having on my overall health and have had a total of 8 fillings removed and replaced with white composite. The treatment has been relatively painless and everything was explained to me in detail. I would recommend Evolve Dentistry for not just amalgam removal but for all forms of dental treatment.

Lisa was very friendly and professional through out my treatment, never had any problems with my braces and my teeth look lovely now which has given me more confidence. I always recommend Lisa to other people who want brace’s and a few of my friends are seeing Lisa now.

All staff are friendly, welcoming and now who I am. I have always found that the dentist has been willing to talk through potential treatment carefully and make me fully aware of options available to me. I have therefore been fully informed to support decision making. Throughout the treatment it has felt like a partnership with the dentist completing procedures with me rather than doing them to me.

The Evolve team have been fantastic throughout my treatment. They were very patient with me when I was deciding to go ahead after putting off having braces for years. They are such a welcoming team and it’s a lovely calm environment for anyone nervous. In particular, Lisa has been amazing. My teeth have straightened so quickly and efficiently. Can’t wait to see the final results! Thank you to all.

Evolve is a lovely dental practice with a comfortable waiting room and lovely features. You always get a warm welcome, with a cup of delicious tea or coffee! Carol is an exceptionally kind and professional dentist and having recently had veneers fitted, I am delighted with the results. Highly recommended.
VIP Client

“I had the six month smile braces fitted in preparation for my wedding day as I had always been self conscious about my teeth. From initial consultation to the final result I have been very impressed with Carol and the team, everyone I have come in contact with has been friendly, professional and accommodating to my specific needs. I am very happy with the result and have already received several compliments on my smile. Thank you all at Evolve for all your hard work.”
Naomi (Six Month Smiles)

“Absolutely fantastic practice, Desk staff are always polite, the whole place is very clean and modern, the dental equipment appears to be the latest technology and the knowledge of the team and Carol is excellent. I was made to feel very relaxed and from start to finish of having my crowns renewed everyone was very professional. I can not recommend Evolve highly enough and am glad that I took the decision to become a member.”
Michael (New crowns)

“Very pleased with treatment, realistic advice about results, much quicker treatment than expected, pleased with after-care also.”
Catherine (Orthodontic treatment)

“Everything has been great, we are very pleased with Rhys teeth and the fact that the front tooth has stayed in place. There has been no pain any time that Rhys has been to see Lisa. Thanks for everything.”
Rhys (Orthodontic treatment)

“I’m really pleased with the result. Lisa was very supportive and encouraging throughout my treatment, my progress was checked regularly throughout the course of the treatment Thank you very much Lisa.”
Nicola Orthodontic (Incognito braces)

“Since coming to Evolve and having treatment from Carol, I would not want to go anywhere else, its worth coming from France twice a year.”
Carole (General dental care)

“Having not smiled properly for years due to the fact I hated my teeth broken, yellow and black I came in to see Carol, over 7 appointments she has replaced 2 crowns added 2 veneers to the front. Not only has it been such a pleasant experience visiting Evolve but my smile has been transformed, I just don’t stop smiling, I have recommended Evolve to everyone. Thank you so much.”
Linda (New crowns and veneers)

“My impression has been very good because it is a very friendly clinic and also very professional, I knew everything about my treatment and all the processes and I am really happy with it. Lisa was working very professionally and friendly, in general all the team look after me in my appointments very good thanks.”
Inma (Orthodontic treatment)

“I am absolutely delighted with the results of my six month smile treatment, as a child I had awful teeth not only did I have an overcrowded mouth but seriously crooked teeth. After extensive orthodontic treatment including tram tracks top and bottom my teeth were straightened out and I was happy with the end result, but gradually over the years my teeth have moved and I became unhappy with them again. After moving house and changing dentist I became a patient with Evolve, I went along for my initial consultation with Carol where upon she asked me if I was happy with my teeth and smile, I then shared with her that I was infact unhappy with my teeth. She then explained the process of the six month smile, on hearing they could also fit a fixed retainer so that my teeth would stay in their new position forever I decided to sign up. Having the brace fitted was painless and I was pleasantly surprised with the discreet and in fact barely noticeable appearance of it, It was also far more comfortable than I anticipated thereafter I went to see Carol every month for the brace to be tightened, I was shocked at how quickly my teeth started to move. My treatment was completed in less than six months and the finished result I’m sure you will agree was amazing, I am no short of thrilled with my new smile and decided to treat myself to tooth whitening to finish it off. I can not tell you how many people regularly compliment me on my teeth and its all down to Carol, I would like to thank the entire team at Evolve for giving me such a warm and welcoming greeting at every appointment I attended. Its so nice to be a patient where there are such lovely friendly staff all of whom have such gorgeous smiles.”
Abigail (Six Month Smiles)

For years I have been unhappy with my teeth, they were out of place and very discoloured on my two front teeth. I hated smiling and talking to people, anything that showed my teeth, my normal dentist wouldn’t give me braces as a teen. I was due to marry in a year and was dreading it because of my teeth until I came across Evolve online. From that very first appointment I knew I was in good hands. I was recommended the six month smiles, so over the course of the next 10 months I had the treatment to turn my frown upside down. My brace came off a week before my wedding and I also had white fillings applied to my discoloured front teeth and I could not have been happier with the results! For the first time since I’ve had teeth I could actually smile with confidence. Carol did an absolutely amazing job and I can not praise and thank her enough for everything she has done. All the staff at Evolve are so friendly and welcoming, they remember who you are the second you walk in the door, always ask how you are and how your treatment going. They are all fantastic. Thank you Evolve for making me smile.
Jade (Six Month Smiles & White Fillings)

"I’d heard from friends about their experiences with Evolve Dentistry and so when I needed to get my veneers replaced I thought I’d visit them to see if they could help. The staff were all so friendly and approachable I decided they were the dental practice for me. They have fantastic equipment and are very gentle, take their time and really care about what they are doing. My new smile has helped improve my confidence, I definitely smile more now."
Thanks, D

Lisa has treated me for crooked front teeth which I was unhappy with for over 25 years. Finally, I am comfortable with my smile and to show my teeth. Lisa has been honest about the results I would achieve, she has been kind and supportive throughout the treatment which was hard at times. The whole process has been a lot easier because of Lisa’s compassion and understanding.

Evolve is a lovely practice and it was a pleasure to have my treatment here. Lisa’s advice, help and orthodontic treatment has been fantastic. I’m very happy with the time it took to complete and quite happy with the result. I would not hesitate to come back and recommend Evolve.
Amy (Orthodontics)

I have had a great experience at Evolve Dentistry and have not come across any problems or issues. The customer service has been brilliant and Lisa has done a great job with my teeth and has also been a kind person to meet. I would recommend Evolve to other people and friends for quality and the service.

Happy with result of braces, really helpful with any issues. Also good with retainer and things needed, retainer brite. Etc

My experience of Evolve Dentistry has been brilliant, I’ve always felt welcome and comfortable during every appointment and am extremely pleased with my final results.

I have been so pleased with the result of my dental treatment. My teeth have gone back to the position they were in 20 odd years ago. It was only a very subtle difference in appearance but it has made a big difference personally to me and I feel to my smile.

Great results, I would definitely recommend Evolve. I had my bottom teeth straightened, which I was very nervous about doing, but received excellent treatment from a very friendly dentist and dental practice. I am really pleased with the results and follow up care received.

I am extremely pleased with the improvement in the appearance of my upper teeth which Lisa has been able to achieve. It has given me more confidence to smile and I think I look better in photographs! I have had excellent treatment at Evolve, it was very professional and I felt safe in their hands. I was always treated very kindly by all members of staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Evolve to other people.

I was recommended by a friend as I was new to the area and have previously had bad experiences of dentists. I am now no longer scared of attending and am delighted, not only with my treatment but I have also had the 6 month smile treatment, after years and years of being unhappy with my teeth I am now confident and happy. Evolve dentistry is not only very friendly and professional, it is calming and excellent atmosphere. Carol and all staff are great. Thank you.

I had a fixed brace fitted in December 11 before my wedding in February 12. I saw Lisa who advised me on different options and we went for the fixed brace. I had only 8 weeks to straighten my teeth. Lisa and the team were excellent, talked me through everything and the treatment and follow ups were perfect. My teeth are now ‘perfect’ and am so glad I had it, (just wish I’d done it sooner).
Mandy (Braces)

At the age of 53 I finally had my teeth straightened. I really thought the chance had passed me by. There is no shortcut and wearing a brace for the length of time required wasn’t easy. But actually is not that bad. There are many options available, all explained clearly and the various costs involved. Lisa Hitchens carried out the work for me, she is very professional and I felt had my best interests at heart all of the time. The only real discomfort is when your teeth start to move (to where you want them!), the brace you get used to. I was, still am, amazed at what can be done. I’m really happy with the result and would recommend that anyone considering similar should have a chat with Lisa. You could get that smile you have always wanted.
Paul (Braces)

"The whole team at Evolve are exceptional in terms of customer service, flexibility and probably most important the results that they deliver."

Since my very first day I have attended Evolve I have been greeted and welcomed by friendly professionals and great service. I would like to thank everyone involved to get one of my dreams come true - to have a perfect smile! Evolve staff are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Evolve is very friendly and professional. I never felt pressured into any of my treatment and they were very accommodating with booking my appointments to fit around my complicated travel plans.

I’ve just finished 6 months of fixed braces. Today they were removed and not only have my teeth straightened, I have a fabulous smile, more confidence and whiter teeth. This option was quick and relatively pain free. I would recommend - it doesn’t take long!

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