Single visit crowns

crownsnew.jpgCEREC - Same Day Dental Crowns

A whole new breed of dentistry for the busy people of Bristol. How great would it be to be able to have your dentistry in a single appointment? Many people find that having dental crowns and permanent white fillings is not the most productive way of spending their time - often having to return for repeat appointments means you get less done of things you need or wish to do!

Save time at the dentist

With CEREC we use modern technology to allow your new tooth to literally be ‘born in front of your eyes’ and save time at the dentist. CEREC Same Day Crowns use 3 steps to help save you time:

  1. We digitally scan your tooth which needs the filling or crown (this replaces the impression goo)
  2. The computer then designs your new tooth on screen (this replaces the dental technician and saves time)
  3. Our milling machine gently cuts your new tooth from a solid block of industrial grade ceramic (this is the part where your new crown is born in front of your eyes)

CEREC is great if:

  • You are nervous of needles and want to reduce the amount of injections you have
  • You lead a busy lifestyle and don’t wish, or are unable, to come to many repeat appointments
  • You find dental impressions uncomfortable with them making you gag



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