TMJ & Occlusion

Jon Sproson dentist at Evolve Dentistry in Portishead Bristol

Do you experience facial pain? Do you experience regular headaches? Do your jaw joints click, lock or hurt? Do your teeth keep breaking? Are you wearing your teeth down? Do you grind your teeth during your sleep? Do you have ringing in your ears? Do you suffer with neck pain? Do you snore?

We have encountered many patients who are in a cycle of despair, being referred to one or more of these disciplines: physiotherapists, counselors, neurologists, osteopaths, ENT specialists and then maybe given antidepressants as a last resort, because the pain still persists. Life stresses can start the cycle or make the problem worse. Evolve Dentistry can offer tried and tested solutions that has helped many, many patients in the same position of this intolerable existence.

We will analysis your problem. There are various appliances depending on the nature of the problem. This de-programmes the link with how the teeth have been fitting together and allows the jaw to find its correct balanced position. If the problem is extreme your whole ‘bite’ will be modified, either by adjusting your teeth or restoring the teeth with crowns and onlays.

Dr Jonathan Sproson has completed hundreds of hours of CPD on this subject and is a member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies.




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