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24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL

Tooth whitening portisheadIf you’d like whiter teeth, Evolve Dentistry in Portishead offers an excellent tooth whitening package which includes an appointment with our hygienist, to give you a brighter, more confident smile.

With gel you apply at home initially overnight for 3-4 nights and then for just one hour a day, professional tooth whitening is the safe and effective way to remove stains and discolouration, lightening your teeth to a fresher, brighter appearance.

How can I whiten my teeth?

Tooth whitening should always be carried out on prescription of a dentist only. Anyone else offering tooth whitening could be doing so illegally.

Home Whitening is carried out by you at home, over a 2-week period, using gel in the bespoke home trays that we make for you. We can make your trays for you while you wait, it takes about 30 minutes. We will explain how to use your trays and gel.

How long does it last?

All whitening systems need long term maintenance to keep your teeth white. This is done using your home trays and gel every 3-4 months for a few nights at a time. The number of times that you need to top-up is dependent on lifestyle such as the amount of tea or coffee that you drink, smoking or drinking red wine.

Does it always work?

Only natural tooth material will whiten so fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges do not change colour. If you are considering any new crowns, veneers or bridges we recommend you whiten your teeth first. 98% of people will have whiter teeth at the end of treatment.

Can anyone have Teeth Whitening Portishead?

You must be over the age of 18 to have your teeth professionally whitened. We do not recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women have tooth whitening. You must be dentally fit to have tooth whitening so if we identify any active tooth decay, we will not carry out tooth whitening until it has been treated.

Can I come to you if I already have a dentist?

Yes, we are happy to carry out your treatment and you would continue to see your own dentist for all your routine treatment.

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Evolve Dentistry | Dentist in Portishead, Somerset

24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL


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