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After Care for Home Whitening Trays

When you first use home tooth whitening

You have been provided with home whitening trays. These trays have been custom made for your mouth and should not be used by anyone else.

Please handle the tooth whitening gel carefully and refer to the product warnings provided before use. Care should be taken to prevent contact with the skin or eyes.

For the first 3 to 4 nights – trays should be worn overnight, please use 16% Hydrogen Carbamide

For the next 10 to 14 days – use the 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for 90 minutes a day.

Each tube of whitening gel should last for 4- 6 applications of whitening in each upper and lower tray. You might not need to use all 4 tubes.

  1. When using the trays, hold each one flat on your hand and apply the gel into the tray. Insert directly into your mouth. Do not over fill the trays.
  2. Remove any excess gel from around the gum area using a tissue or dry toothbrush
  3. Wear your trays for 90 minutes a day, unless it is your first course of treatment, in which case use the night gel (16% hydrogen carbamide) overnight 3-4 nights
  4. Do not eat or drink with your trays in and try to avoid talking as much as possible
  5. When you have finished your whitening session, take out the trays, rinse your mouth and wash the trays. Store them in the box provided
  6. Avoid highly coloured foods and smoking for half an hour after removal
  7. Keep any open gel in the fridge
  8. It is not unusual to experience some sensitivity in your teeth during tooth whitening, however if you get any burning pain in your gums or lips or any other part of your mouth, remove the trays immediately and rinse your mouth thoroughly
  9. Do not put your trays in boiling water, there is a charge to make new trays
  10. Maintain your normal oral hygiene routine
  11. You must be dentally fit prior to carrying out any tooth whitening

Maintenance of tooth whitening

Depending on lifestyle it is recommended that you top up your whitening for 1-2 days every 4 months, possibly more frequently if tea, coffee or red wine are consumed regularly or if you smoke.

Tooth whitening gel is a prescription product and cannot be sold without a valid prescription from your dentist.

If you are a member of the practice, and have chosen to benefit from free home whitening, 2 tubes of gel are provided free of charge annually (one every 6 months). You must bring your whitening trays to your healthy mouth review to be checked in order to issue another prescription for more tooth whitening gel. If you forget to bring your trays to your appointment you may have to wait until your next appointment for a repeat prescription.

If you are not a member of the practice, annual tooth whitening check appointments are available to check whitening trays and issue a prescription. 4 tubes of gel are included. You must bring your trays to this appointment. There is a fee for this service and prescription, contact the team for up to date treatment fees.

If you experience any problems contact the practice on 01275 842 550.

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