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Evolve Dentistry - Patient Case Studies

At Evolve Dentistry, our aim is to provide high quality care and treatment in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment. You can read below about our patient's treatments and results.

invisalign after portishead

Bethany's Smile Makeover Story

I did a lot of research before deciding where I wanted to have my treatment and Evolve was always my number one choice. The website itself was very helpful and lead me to call for a consultation, from my first phone call I felt reassured and the receptionist went above...

teeth straightening portishead review

Steve's Teeth Straightening Story

I had always been very self conscious about my teeth, never showing my teeth when I smiled and so decided to look around to find at dentist that might be able to help me.I chose Evolve Dentistry, in Portishead, because it’s a local business, which I was keen on supporting, it was...

smile makeover in portishead case study

Sarah's Smile Makeover Story

I saw the competition on Facebook, gave it a thought but dismissed it. I’d always been self-conscious of my teeth, so as it got closer to the deadline to submit my entry, I thought why not enter. What did I have to loose? I was so excited to win! I met with Dr Jonathan Sproson…

portishead smile makeover review

Amanda's Teeth Straightening Story

I had not been to a dentist for 8 years prior to going to Evolve, this was mainly down to the fact I’d had a bad experience so decided to pursue self-care. Unfortunately this did more harm than good. I’m a big fan of reading lots of reviews and getting recommendations before I commit to…

Carla's Teeth Straightening Story

I’d never been totally happy with my teeth, I had bruxism that was causing my bottom teeth to deteriorate, which is why I decided to have them straightened. I’m originally from Brazil and started my treatment there, when I moved to the UK I spent a lot of time finding the right dental practice that…

amalgam removal case study

Stewart's Amalgam Removal Story

Stewart Roberts had amalgam mercury fillings a long time ago. All was well at first, but then he eventually started experiencing discomfort in his health and the onset of anxiety attacks. Anxiety Attacks Stewart was happy with his dental amalgam filling, until he started experiencing some health issues. He started suffering from tinnitus and being…

braces in portishead case study

Charlotte's Braces Case Study

So, I've had straight teeth for two months now and it's amazing! People who know me (and know the story) all think that the difference is incredible. I now smile! Whilst I had the brace fitted, the majority of people didn't even notice (even people I've known for years)! Those that did notice, wanted to…

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