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24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL

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Transforming My Smile: A Journey with Evolve Dentistry

Before my experience at Evolve Dentistry, I used to shy away from cameras. My smile, a source of insecurity, revealed a prominent gum line and teeth that lacked alignment. Discoloration and my own neglect of oral care added to my dissatisfaction.

Choosing Evolve was an easy decision, influenced by a lot of recommendations. Stepping into the practice, its modern, clean feel instantly eased my longstanding fear of dentists.

Under the guidance of Yasmin and the team, my journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Their reassuring approach made each visit comfortable, and Yasmin’s thorough explanations demystified the Invisalign process, seamlessly fitting into my lifestyle.

The transformation was astounding. In what felt like no time, my dream smile became a reality, surpassing all my expectations. I definitely feel a lot more confident since completing my treatment. I smile a lot more and get complimented on my smile all the time. People think I look younger than I am, I’m sure having a great smile helps with that, it’s a massive confidence boost!

I would definitely recommend Evolve and have already done so to everyone and anyone. The personalised care and advice they provide set them apart. It’s more than a dental practice; it’s a sanctuary that has changed my perception of dental care.

To those considering a similar journey, my advice is simple: Take the leap. It’s an investment in yourself that yields immeasurable returns. I only wish I had done it sooner.

My experience with Evolve Dentistry has been transformative. Not only have I achieved the smile I once thought was out of reach, but I’ve also conquered my fear of dental visits. It’s been a life-changing experience, and I carry my new smile and confidence with pride every day.

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Evolve Dentistry | Dentist in Portishead, Somerset

24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL


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