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Why do you need a facial aesthetics consultation?

At Evolve Dentistry, we recommend that all patients attend a facial aesthetics consultation with Dr Carol Somerville Roberts.

Consultations are the perfect opportunity for patients who wish to achieve a specific outcome for their facial aesthetics but are unsure of how to proceed and which treatment options are suitable for them. Sometimes more than one procedure may be recommended for your desired outcome to be achieved, Carol will discuss this with you in depth at your consultation

What takes place at a facial aesthetics consultation?

After you have been welcomed for your consultation at Evolve Dentistry, you will be asked to fill out a medical history form, including information concerning any past facial aesthetic treatments that you have undergone. This previous experience will help our team direct you towards treatments that are most suitable for your given your history and desired outcome.

During your no-obligation consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss exactly which results you are looking to achieve as well as your treatment timeframe. At this point in the consultation, you will have photos taken as part of your treatment record.

Under no circumstances during the consultation process will anyone at Evolve Dentistry ever persuade you to undergo treatments that you either do not want or are uncomfortable receiving. Evolve Dentistry does not offer incentives to convince you to agree to treatments that extend beyond what you are hoping to achieve through facial aesthetics, and we will always ensure your wishes are at the forefront of your treatment plan.

Once the proposed treatment plan has been agreed upon, you can book your procedure appointment, sign the consent form, and pay an initial deposit fee of £50 to order and reserve the necessary products.

At Evolve Dentistry, we strongly recommend that patients do not schedule treatment within two weeks of any major social or work occasion in case of the possibility of bruising or other side effects.

We offer a comprehensive range of facial aesthetic treatments to freshen and enhance your skin and appearance including:

  • Muscle relaxant – an injectable treatment that results in wrinkle reduction and softening.
  • Dermal Fillers – Injectable hyaluronic acid that is used to enhance or augment facial features and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Bridal BoostThis treatment combines PRP with a liquid poly-revitalisation that boost the appearance of the skin giving it a wonderful glow for your big day.
  • Profhilo – The very first BDDE-free hyaluronic dermal filler available on the market, Profhilo treatments are an effective and innovative skin booster.

Why should you seek facial aesthetic treatments at a dentist?

At Evolve Dentistry, we understand that a dental practice may not be the first location that comes to mind for individuals who are seeking facial aesthetic solutions.

Despite this, there are quite a few reasons that being treated by a dentist at Evolve Dentistry should be considered, including:

  • As licensed practitioners, dentists receive extensive training in and command complete knowledge of facial anatomy. Because of this, dentists can aptly consider facial harmony and balance in designing the perfect treatment plan based on your unique face.
  • Expertly administering injections to the face and mouth are a daily part of a dentist’s work. This experience allows them to be both gentle and accurate in providing facial aesthetic injection treatments.
  • Dentists and dental staff are fully versed in helping to manage patient anxieties and work with patients to ensure their complete comfort.
  • The dentists at Evolve Dentistry are capable of managing any complications that may arise and can prescribe any products they deem necessary for your comfort during recovery.
  • Our premises are CQC – Care Quality Commission – registered, which is a requirement for facilities administering the thread lifting or thread rejuvenation treatment.
  • Our dental practice offers patients a clinical environment that is fully equipped to carry out their desired procedure.
  • All the dental team at Evolve Dentistry are fully trained in correct cross infection control and management as well as medical emergency protocol.

Dr Carol Somerville Roberts has been successfully carrying out facial aesthetic treatments for over 12 years and is continually updating her knowledge in the subject.

General Contraindications

While exact circumstances vary from patient to patient and treatment to treatment, various general contraindications exist that may result in a patient not being a suitable candidate for facial aesthetic treatments, including:

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Individuals undergoing treatment for cancer (within 5 years of treatment for PRP)
  • Those with active cold sores
  • In some cases, those taking anticoagulants (blood-thinners)
  • Individuals currently taking or have taken Roaccutane for acne treatments within the past 6 months
  • Those who are experiencing an acute illness

Please see our fee guide for up to date prices.

We want to build a relationship with you, which is why we don't offer online appointment booking, we'd prefer to speak with you to ensure we give you the best possible information.

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