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Gappy, crooked or overlapping teeth?

Enjoy straighter teeth the almost invisible way with Invisalign ® clear aligner braces. Now you can have that lovely straight smile, and no-one need ever know you are having orthodontic treatment.

The Invisalign Aligners Treatment Plan

Once we’ve confirmed that Invisalign aligners are right for your needs, we will

develop a detailed treatment plan from which your bespoke, virtually invisible aligners will be made to order.

What’s included in the braces package?

Your package includes the following:

  • Invisalign Aligners
  • Regular review appointments
  • All necessary x-rays and impressions
  • Clinical photos
  • Fixed retainers and removal retainers when clinically suitable (worth £676)
  • 20 minute cosmetic bonding consultation with Carol Somerville Roberts (worth £100)
  • Tooth whitening (worth £396)
  • Follow-up appointments for up to a year once you’ve completed treatment (worth £225)
  • Emergency appointments (worth £110)


Bespoke Clear Aligners

Once you have agreed to your treatment plan, bespoke clear aligners are custom-made for you, each of which have to be worn for 7-14 days before you switch to the next aligner in the series.

While the number of aligners varies for each individual, treatment can vary between simple alignment to more extensive treatment, ranging from 3-18 months, depending on your individual case.


iTero Scanner

We are very proud to be a digital scanning practice, with the introduction of an iTero scanner. You will no longer need to have impressions taken for your Invisalign treatment, a simple scan will enable Lisa to show you a full simulation of what your smile could like after Invisalign treatment and also allow us to track your treatment progress to ensure that you’re treatment is progressing as it should be.


Invisalign Treatment Process ®

Invisalign® Aligners should be worn day and night (22 hours a day), except when eating, drinking hot or sweet drinks, brushing or flossing teeth in order to complete your treatment in the timeline determined by you and our orthodontist. You’ll have reviews every 4-6 weeks to monitor your progress and to receive your next series of aligners. During the entire treatment process your teeth will gradually move into an even and healthy smile.

Features and Benefits of Invisible Braces with Invisalign Aligners

  • Almost invisible so as discreet as possible
  • Removable for eating
  • Removable for cleaning
  • Careful and efficient movement of the teeth
  • Simple to keep clean and maintain
  • Fast, reliable and predictable results

Invisalign before and after

What exactly are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are the modern replacement for conventional train track orthodontic braces. Our Invisible Braces in Portishead offer a sequence of clear plastic orthodontic aligners which you can take out and worn in sequence, each aligner moves the teeth a little amount at any given time. This technique has been popularised in the UK by Invisalign® Aligners with over a million cases now being undertaken worldwide. As with any treatment we always work out the cost of your invisible braces before we start any treatment, and provide you with a detailed treatment plan which sets out:

  • The cost of Invisalign® Aligners
  • The Invisalign Aligner Treatment Process
  • Your Tailored Treatment Plan
  • How many aligners we think you will need

Will Invisalign® Aligners be painful?

In most cases Invisalign Aligners are completely painless. Whenever braces are worn you will notice that there is some gentle force being applied to your teeth,  this is necessary if we are to move your teeth, nevertheless slight discomfort is most likely what you will feel.

If I’m not suitable for Invisalign® Aligners, what alternatives are there?

Evolve Dentistry offers a complete range of orthodontic treatment in a comfortable and modern environment. Although Invisalign® Alginers are popular because they are almost invisible and can be removed for eating and clearing, we appreciate that it may not be right for you. Following a detailed assessment, you will be offered a range of treatment options which are suitable for correcting your orthodontic problems, which fit in with your lifestyle and together with your orthodontist you can make a decision about what is best for you.

How much will it cost?

Please refer to price list on our website or give us a call on 01275 842 550

What finance options are available?

It’s easy to pay for your orthodontic treatment at Evolve Dentistry. We offer three options, you can either pay in full at the start of your treatment, or you can opt for finance. We offer 10 months interest-free finance for treatment up to £3,750 or 24 months finance for any amount over that. Everyone’s teeth move at different rates, your treatment may take more or less time than we predict, this does not affect the total cost that you pay.

Read a case study of Invisalign® Aligners from one of our patients.

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