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James Arthur X Factor Teeth Whitening

So as James Arthur wins the X factor 2012 it seems that it is almost compulsory for anyone that is on mainstream television to have their teeth whitened. This report in the Daily Mail shows almost the entire cast of finalists in the X factor queueing up for teeth whitening at a London clinic. But why…

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Smile Makeovers – how can the people of Bristol benefit?

What does a smile makeover from our practice in Bristol help with. a smile makeover is the name for a collection of dental treatments all designed to help you smile with more confidence. Generally speaking a smile makeover will consist of a few of these treatments, sometimes all of them, it rather depends on the…

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Who should carry out tooth whitening?

Almost everyone wants to change something about themselves, longer hair, flatter tummy, bluer eyes, thinner thighs, whiter teeth. Some things are easier than others to achieve. It takes hard work to get a flatter tummy or thinner thighs unless you resort to the surgeons knife, but whiter teeth? That's easy isn't it? Even beauticians are…

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