A few weeks on, my Six Month Smiles journey continues….

I’ve been away now for 2 weeks in Egypt, it’s very hot here and the only thing I’ve noticed is my mouth is very dry, much more so than usual so I have just made sure I have drunk more fluids, water of course!!

I am managing fine with the food though there are still certain things I can’t eat, such as anything hard like thick crusty bread or nuts but if I cut it up into smaller pieces I can still manage. I have been keeping an eye on the colour of the brace as well with all the different foods I have been eating, there may be colours in them that stain the brace so I have been making sure I give them a good brush and clean after ever meal and they have been fine.

I was surprised at how many people we talked to on holiday and they did not even notice I was wearing a brace, in fact when I mentioned it to a few people they were really surprised.

I can see that they have definitely moved, looking in the mirror I can see a difference. I have had no more pain or soreness so I am really pleased. I have my first appointment to have them adjusted when I get back so I will report on that but so far so good!!

Happy holidays!

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