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A Guide To Ceramic Brackets

If you are looking for an alternative to metal braces then ceramic brackets may be the ones for you. These ceramic brackets are less noticeable and are considerably more socially acceptable, which can be used both by adults and children. These are a cost-effective substitute for Incognito and Invisalign type of braces as there are no associated laboratory fees. Did you know that simple alignment can be done in just six weeks? After that, you can now show your perfect teeth.

In this article, we answered some of the common questions about ceramic brackets.

How Does One Fit Ceramic Brackets?

The process of fitting ceramic brackets is fairly simple. The teeth must be dry and clean before fitting the brackets, then an etch is applied to each tooth. The etchant gel is then washed off and the teeth are dried with air. A suction tube is used to avoid any moisture or liquid to get into the front part of the teeth.

After etching the teeth, each bracket is glued individually. A wire is then threaded through the brackets and held in by an elastic or tiny wire tie. The wires are changed progressively throughout the treatment as the teeth move.

What will happen after fitting the brace?

After fitting the ceramic brackets, you are required to go back to the dentist every 6 to 8 weeks to check the progress and do some adjustments. There might be some minor discomfort after each visit but you don’t have to worry, the feeling of slight discomfort is as a result of your teeth moving towards the right position. Each treatment varies and will depend on your dental needs.

Treatment can last for on average between 4-18 months. When the time has come to remove the braces, you will be given a retainer to maintain the alignment of your teeth, the retainers provided at Evolve Dentistry are both fixed and removable.

Is it uncomfortable?

No. It is not uncomfortable when you have the brace fitted. However, you might observe that your teeth will become sensitive after the appointment and you might feel a little discomfort as your teeth move. These feelings are perfectly normal and prove that the braces are working.

How Do I Take Care of My Ceramic Brackets?

The secret to taking care of your ceramic brackets is the same as taking care of the metal braces. There are three things that you should remember: avoid hard food, avoid sticky food, and avoid fizzy drinks and fruit juices. You should be shown how to keep your teeth clean as it will take a bit more time to do this each day and you may be advised to use a fluoride mouthwash.

What Should I Do If I Broke My Braces?

If you break your braces or if a bracket comes off a tooth, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. Depending on when your next appointment is scheduled, your dentist might request to see you and reattach the bracket. If the wire comes out, you must also contact your dentist as they need to re-thread it. Should these events happen to you, don’t panic, it is a normal occurrence and can usually be easily fixed by your dentist.

Now that you know these things about ceramic brackets, you might have considered getting one. Make sure that you get your braces fitted in a trustworthy dental clinic. Evolve Dentistry is a modern dental clinic in the Portishead area that offers ceramic braces services to help you achieve your dream smile. If you are ready to boost your confidence by showing that perfect teeth, call us at 01275 842550 or send us a message on hello@evolve-dentistry.co.uk. You may also fill up the appointment form on our website.

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