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Missing teeth

Am I too young for dentures?

Many people hold the misconception that dentures are only a solution for older people. After all, for many, they are part of the elderly person stereotype.

They could actually be ideal for many young adults who unfortunately lose teeth early in life. A denture could help to restore their bite, and improve eating and speaking in everyday life. If the teeth lost are in a visible spot, it could restore a brilliant smile, which might otherwise be a great source of anxiety.

Help – my tooth’s gone!

Tooth loss can happen for many reasons at an earlier age, resulting in the need for a denture. You may be more active, and enrolled in a physical sport like football, rugby or boxing. A misplaced boot or right hook could see you lose a tooth, through no fault of your own.

Your diet could play a role. Sugary, fizzy drinks, or junk food and sweets, could accelerate tooth decay and eventual loss. Sugars and starches can develop plaque acids, which breakdown your enamel over time, creating decay. Alongside plaque, poor oral care could also damage your gums and the bones that hold your teeth in place, with the development of gum disease.

The fix

Whether accidental or preventable, tooth loss can be difficult in everyday life. Dentures offer a solution that is less expensive and non-invasive, as opposed to an option like dental implants.

Younger patients may be heavily unsuited to implants for a number of other reasons: their jaw could still be growing, they may want to be flexible for future treatments, or they want implants in later years for an improved chance at them lasting ‘for life’. Dentures solve each of these issues.

Dentures may be complete or partial, depending on whether you need all of your teeth replaced, or just the one tooth (or a few). This makes them ideal for a variety of tooth loss situations. They’re also great for young people with weakened soft tissue and bone. A well-designed denture can hold onto the surviving bone and gumline for a stable restoration.

Plus, denture maintenance is pretty simple. They should be brushed clean of debris and soaked in a solution of denture-cleaning tablets to avoid staining and remove bacteria. Then brushed again, softly, as you would with your normal teeth. Do this twice a day to preserve their quality.

Seamless solution

Dentures have been a great option for patients for centuries. Their development over time has led to them feeling significantly more comfortable, and looking like a natural part of a smile. A qualified and experienced clinician would create an accurate model of your mouth, which can be then used to create a personalised denture. This way, the fit can be snug, without moving as you go about your day. They may feel odd at first, but with time you become used to their presence.

Getting dentures at a young age can be stressful, but help from clinicians who are members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) makes the process simple. These dentists are experienced and trained to use the latest technologies, whilst being incredibly passionate about patient care. The BACD can help you find the right clinician and treatment for your unique needs.

Dentures can be a great option no matter your age. With a great fit, you can have a natural looking smile that returns you to everyday life, as if you never left.

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