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Amalgam Filling Removal

What is amalgam filling removal?

Amalgam filling – also often called a silver, metal or black filling – is an amalgam, or mixture, of mercury as well as various other metals such as silver, zinc or copper. Dental amalgam is safe according to the British Dental Association, having been extensively studied over the 150 years it has been used for fillings.

Do metal fillings need to be replaced?

If old silver fillings have failed in some way or are causing pain or other dental issues, it is necessary to replace them. Amalgam filling removal should only be undertaken with careful consideration of your long-term dental health and well-being. This would be discussed at your consultation with Dr Carol Somerville Roberts BDS, who is highly experienced in amalgam filling removal.

Is it safe to have mercury fillings removed?

Yes, it can be safe to remove silver fillings as long as our strict clinical protocols are adhered to at all times. At Evolve, by patient request, we are happy to administer active charcoal prior to amalgam removal, to deliver oxygen via a nasal mask, to protect eyes from mucosal absorption, and to use a latex-free rubber dam in the mouth as a physical barrier for safer amalgam filling removal.

Is it safe to remove amalgam fillings when pregnant?

If you are already pregnant or breastfeeding the best advice is to wait until you have finished breastfeeding before having amalgam filling removal.

Can I have my silver fillings replaced with white?

If your metal filling has fallen out or otherwise failed, the first option will indeed invariably be to replace it with a tooth-coloured cosmetic filling, which has the added advantage of blending in with your other teeth.

How much does it cost to replace a filling?

At Evolve we charge £62 for amalgam filling removal per appointment, adhering to our strict protocols to ensure the treatment is carried out both safely and efficiently. Depending on the case, there are then usually 3 main options to replace the filling: a white cosmetic filling, a porcelain inlay or crown, prices of which vary depending on each restoration. Prior to your treatment starting, you would be given a comprehensive treatment plan outlining all costs involved.

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