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Bonding - Bioclear composite before and after

Bioclear composite

What is Bioclear composite?

Bioclear composite bonding is a revolutionary, minimally invasive way to enhance your smile in a single appointment, using anatomically-shaped forms and a tooth-coloured composite. It can be used to repair, restore, reshape or resurface teeth which are damaged, uneven or discoloured or to fill gaps.

Is Bioclear composite effective?

Yes, and it can be used for a variety of restorations: 1) To rebuild chipped, worn-down or decayed teeth; 2) To fill gaps between teeth or at the gum line; 3) To renew dark or stained teeth; 4) To build up teeth that are too short, narrow or thin. It is 3 times stronger than conventional bonding and nearly as strong as porcelain veneers and, with proper care, can last up to 10 years.

What is Bioclear method?

Bioclear bonding uses thermal injection moulding of the colour-matched composite into special tooth-shaped plastic matrices which, once removed, leave you with a newly shaped tooth which is then given a Rock Star Polish, producing a completely natural look and finish. And you couldn’t be in better hands, as Evolve’s Clinical Director, Dr Carol Somerville Roberts, has achieved outstanding results using the system since 2017 and is one of the UK’s only accredited dentists.

What is bonding for teeth gaps?

We frequently use Bioclear bonding to close the little black triangular-shaped gaps at the base of teeth which are the result of gum recession, bone loss or tooth movement. Because the technique creates a tight contact, it can also be used to close gaps between 2 teeth, including wider gaps known as diastemas which are most commonly found between the 2 front teeth.

Does bonding ruin your teeth?

Far from ruining teeth, Bioclear bonding can actually help to preserve and protect your teeth and their precious enamel, restoring both form and function. One of the beauties of the treatment is that it is minimally invasive, requiring minimal preparation and often no injections.

How much does Bioclear cost?

Bioclear bonding is a surprisingly affordable option given that it can achieve quite dramatic transformations in just one appointment, with our prices starting at £237 (or £205 for members of our Evolve Dental Health Plan), which is just over a quarter of the price of a veneer or aesthetic crown.

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