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Bruxism Awareness Week

The 21st – 28th  October marks Bruxism Awareness week and at Evolve Dentistry we want to ensure that you all have an in-depth understanding of the condition known as Bruxism along with its causes, effects, and how you could look to overcome it. Bruxism is the clinical term for subconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching during the day and/or night.

Bruxism is not the type of condition to occur out of the blue. There are some reasons which could be causing you to grind your teeth and you may not even realise it.If you suffer from a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnoea, or even simply snoring, you’re more likely to grind your teeth while sleeping. Other sleep-related issues which promote restlessness or possibly even trouble breathing while asleep could also cause this to happen, such as talking in your sleep, increased movement like kicking, sleep paralysis or even semi-conscious hallucinations.

Anxiety and stress are the most common causes for bruxism, or teeth grinding, with around 70% of cases occurring as a result of this. Stress and anxiety will often impact your quality of sleep, particularly when job-related, therefore bruxism will likely take place while asleep.

There is also evidence to suggest that certain lifestyle aspects could cause you to begin subconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Drinking alcohol, smoking and use of recreational drugs, and excessive drinking of liquids with high caffeine levels could all increase the possibility of teeth grinding. These factors may also lead to the condition worsening.

What to look out for:The impact of bruxism can be problematic for both your oral and physical health. As it’s a condition that is difficult to identify – mainly as many aren’t even aware that they are even grinding their teeth in the first place – it’s important to know what to look out for.

Regarding oral health, bruxism could lead to significant wearing down of teeth, which will inevitably result in the teeth fracturing, or tooth loss. There is also a possibility of developing inflammation in the gums, and eventual gum recession.

What many don’t realise, is that there are multiple physical issues that can occur as a result of teeth grinding. Sufferers may be more prone to headaches, pain and stiffness in the shoulders and earache. There is also the possibility of facial myalgia (pain in the face), as well as limited movement of the mouth, and further disruption to your sleeping pattern,

Risk of TMJ

Temporomandibular joint discomfort or TMJD, is also a common outcome of bruxism. The temporomandibular joint is the connecting joint between the jaw and the skull. Excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching could lead to a severe amount of tenderness in this joint or even lock-jaw. You may also experience a grating sensation or even a clicking sound when moving your mouth. The joint is covered by cartilage and separated by a shock-absorbing disk, overtime; however, this cartilage could become damaged, and the disc eroded. If pain associated with TMJ becomes persistent, consult with a doctor or dentist as soon as possible to find a suitable solution.

There are some treatments available to tackle the causes and effects of bruxism, from orthodontic work to psychological treatments like hypnosis. MADs, or mandibular advancement devices, are typically used to help combat issues with snoring and sleep apnoea; however, they can also be an effective tool at tackling teeth grinding and clenching while sleeping.

Dr Jonathan Sproson, one of our dentists at Evolve has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of bruxism. He can carry out a detailed assessment of your jaw muscles and position of your teeth to see if there is evidence of bruxism and how best to treat this. Over the years, he has successfully treated hundreds of patients to rid them of their headaches, neck and shoulder pain and to massively improve their quality of life. There are few dentists in this area with as much skill and knowledge as Jonathan Sproson.

For more information on bruxism and its impact on your oral and physical health, take a look at the Bruxism Association web page. If any of the causes and effects mentioned here seem familiar, contact Evolve Dentistry today to see if you suffer from this condition, before it leads to more serious issues such as TMJ. Our team would be happy to help find the ideal solution to overcome the effects of Bruxism.

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