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Dental fear

Dental Fear

Is it normal to be scared of the dentist?

About 36% of people have a fear of dental treatment, with 12% having an extreme fear. About 3% of adults have dentophobia and avoid going to the dentist at all. Fear of dentists is more common in females than in males.

How do I get over my dental fear?

  1. See the dentist at a less busy time of day.

  2. Bring noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds with music to help you relax.

  3. Ask a friend or a loved one to accompany you during your appointment.

  4. Practice deep breathing and other meditation techniques to calm your nerves.

How do dentists calm dental fear?

Here at Evolve we always work closely with our patients to help overcome their fears. Patients can come into the practice and meet non clinical team members initially if they wish to, during which they can discuss any particular worries they may have. Patients can also listen to music for longer treatments. At Evolve we can also use Rescue Remedy to help reduce anxiety, we also have a Calmer Llama, a stress buster that patients can squeeze to distract themselves.

Can you be put to sleep at the dentist?

It is possible to have sedation if you are having treatment at the dentist. This can help relieve anxiety during treatment. Dental sedation will extend the length of time of your treatment, but can help a lot of patients if they are particularly nervous about visiting the dentist. Sedation is not a general anaesthetic and you are not asleep, just very relaxed.

Can dentists tell if you have anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, it’s possible that you may clench or grind your teeth, you probably wouldn’t even know you are doing it. Your dentist will see evidence of this when they carry out a healthy mouth review. They may recommend a night guard to help reduce the impact of grinding at night. It also really helps to tell the dentist that you are anxious so that they can help you manage your anxiety.

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