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Oral Health on holiday

Holiday health

The summer holidays are approaching and people will be boarding planes in droves. Going on holiday is a time for relaxation and indulgence – we’ve all earned a break. However, an exciting holiday can make it easy for dental hygiene to be neglected.

Keeping a good oral hygiene routine is essential for holidays. In hot climates with food to gorge on and drinks to sip on the beach, protecting your teeth is essential.

Product Packing

Packing is nobody’s favourite part of a holiday ­­– indecisiveness and stress run rampant. But packing a toiletry bag should be easy and minimal, and is the first step to having a healthy smile abroad.

Care for your toothbrush by storing it in a small case; this prevents contamination and stops the bristles from bending. Squeeze in some interdental brushes or floss to use once a day, and consider a mini mouthwash for the suitcase too.

Do not make the mistake of having to throw away your large toothpaste at airport security. Buying a travel-sized toothpaste will get you through the scanners and keep your mouth minty for a week. Keeping some sugar-free gum on you is a great alternative if you are on the road (or in the air) with no chance to brush. You can keep your saliva levels high by chewing gum, which washes food and drink leftovers off your teeth. It may not be as effective as brushing, but it will keep your mouth fresh.

Indulge with restraint

Treating yourself is part of the holiday. It is important that you enjoy yourself: drink that pina colada! Eat that honeycomb ice-cream! Indulging in the brightly coloured foods and drinks of the world is inevitable. But be alert. Filled with sugars, acids and artificial additives, excessively eating and drinking the finer things speeds up tooth decay.

Having a consistent oral hygiene routine is key to keeping your mouth happy. After drinking alcoholic or fizzy drinks, swish water to rinse the acidic liquids away. When eating sugary ice creams or snacks, swish water afterwards. Water is pivotal to oral hygiene. In hot temperatures, staying hydrated will avoid dry mouth and bad breath. This will keep your saliva flowing and your mouth clean. When it comes to brushing after food and drink, wait 30 minutes for the tooth enamel to harden again. Waiting will also let your saliva neutralise the acids.

Above all, book a dentist appointment before you go away. A routine visit can identify any issues before they cause trouble on your holiday. You don’t really want to be tracking down an expensive dentist abroad!

It is important to remember that whilst you are on holiday, dental problems never are. Maintain your oral hygiene routine. Moderate your indulgences. Stay hydrated. Keep your teeth strong.

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