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How Can I Get A Celebrity Smile?

All the celebrities are doing it, can I get a celebrity smile? Braces, veneers, crowns, whitening, what should I do? When is the perfect time to wear a brace or get your teeth fixed?

The answer is easy really, anytime you want to. It’s a myth that braces are the realm of the teenage world, maybe metal train tracks are more commonly worn by teenagers, but in the adult world there are many systems that are very discreet or invisible so no one would know that you are wearing a brace.

Many celebrities decide to have their teeth fixed as they are increasingly in the eye of the media, some have veneers such as Tulisa on the X Factor recently, others wear an invisible brace such as Chris Evans, but it’s not just for celebrities getting the smile they’ve always wanted.

At Evolve we have patients in their 70’s who decide to wear a brace to straighten their teeth and it changes their life, they no longer feel self conscious about their teeth and their confidence increases massively. However, I would not advocate that everyone waits until their 70’s, wearing a brace as a teenager is an ideal time as it’s more likely that their friends are wearing them as well. Unfortunately in this day and age, with waiting times in the NHS sometimes taking up to 2 years before treatment is started, your teenager is no longer prepared to wear a brace as they have other priorities now in their lives such as girlfriends or boyfriends. So the window of opportunity is missed. With reduced funding within the NHS, not everyone is treated free of charge anymore, so there is no guarantee that you would get treatment once you have been for the consultation. The alternative is private treatment.

Before you think, well that’s really expensive, it may not be as expensive as you think, straight forward treatment can cost from £1500 and as orthodontics takes usually a few months, payment can be spread out over a few months to ease the burden.

Everyone can have a celebrity smile, your smile is the most important part of you face with 87% of people noticing your smile first, so don’t delay, do something today!!

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