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How Nice Is The Loo?

If you have ever read this blog before, you may have noticed that I am keen on customer  service in any industry, I am also interested in how other companies generate business as Evolve is a relatively new dental practice and we are still growing, so monitor where all our patients come from. This week we has an interesting experience as we are looking for a new contractor to carry out our general cleaning.

We have used a local company pretty much since we opened and have been very happy with the service that we have received. When we ask our patients what they like about Evolve, often the response is that we are nice and clean. We are looking for a new contractor as our regular cleaner is retiring so it’s a good opportunity to see if there is a more competitive service available. As it happened a cleaning company cold called us and we arranged a meeting.

It became apparent after a short time that their sales strategy was to be fairly derogatory about our current cleaner. At no point did we say that we were unhappy with our current situation and they didn’t take the time to find out why we were looking for a new contractor. There was an incorrect assumption that we are unhappy with our current cleaner and so want a new one. After a while, I started to become insulted  by suggesting the cleaner was not doing a good job, thus suggesting that we have been fools to continue to employ them. I would like to stress that I have incredibly high standards in the care we deliver to all our patients, this includes the level of cleaning in the general areas. After all is the loo isn’t clean, how do you know our hands and instruments are clean? I strongly believe you can judge an establishment by the quality of it’s loo. How many times have you been to a wonderful restaurant and been disappointed by the lack of attention when it comes to the loo?

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So  my take home message this week is never make assumptions about someone else’s work, and if you really want to gauge the quality of an establishment, check out their loo.

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