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How Quickly Can We Achieve Results With Braces?

Here at Evolve Dentistry we have a specialist orthodontist, Lisa Hichens, who has undertaken specialist training and has gained years of experience in treating our orthodontic patients. Carol Somerville Roberts, our clinical director, is also experienced in braces. We are often asked “ How quickly will my teeth move?”

People are often surprised to hear that adult teeth move as quickly as children’s teeth, and that there is no upper age limit on orthodontic treatment. In fact, a lot of our patients are adults who have children of their own.

There are a huge range of braces available, each with different benefits. At Evolve, we can help you choose the most appropriate option for you, depending on how much you want your teeth to move, how quickly, your budget and also your teeth. We have a Treatment Co-ordinator, Julie, who meets with all new patients to discuss all of the options to ensure that they have all the information they need to help them decide on the best possible option for them.

With some of our options, results can start to be seen within as little as 4 weeks. If you don’t need to have any teeth removed or large gaps closed, treatment can be finished in as little as 10-12 weeks. However, average treatment time is 9-12 months, metal braces can achieve results quicker than ceramic braces. It’s always worth remembering, if teeth can straighten quickly, they can also move back quickly, so retainers are an absolute necessity after all orthodontic treatment.

If your teeth ache whilst you are wearing your brace, it means that they are moving, so see it as a good sign. If you do need to take a painkiller, paracetamol is a better to take than ibuprofen, as ibuprofen can affect speed of the movement of teeth.

Why not take a look at the various options available to you https://evolve-dentistry.co.uk/braces/

Call today to book a FREE consultation with Julie, our Treatment Co-ordinator to discuss the option that would be most suitable for you 01275 842550.

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