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‘I Can’t Stop Smiling!’

Here at Evolve Dentistry in Portishead, Bristol, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with each of our patients so that you always feel welcome and part of the Evolve family. That’s why sharing our patient’s journeys is lovely for us, as we’re so heavily involved in every aspect. Here Joel Seagar shares his dental experiences just for you…

‘I had orthodontic treatment on the NHS when I was younger, but I as never really happy with the results. My teeth were left off centre, which really annoyed me, and since then I lost a tooth so I had a gap that I didn’t like. I went to Evolve Dentistry to discuss my options and got a really good feeling about the team and the practice as soon as I met everyone. They were all very professional and explained the treatment options thoroughly. Luckily for me, the practice is near where I live, so it’s really convenient too.

I decided to have orthodontic treatment with fixed braces; although I had the choice to go for clear/cosmetic brackets I went for metal ones in the end. I’m quite easy going and having braces didn’t really worry me so I decided to save money and go for the cheaper option. In total, I had my braces on for three years; it didn’t take long to get used to them and I wanted my teeth to be perfect so I didn’t mind about the length of time it took to get the results I wanted.’

Perfect teeth

‘I’m also going to have a veneer and a bridge, so there’s a bit more dental work to be done, but I’m really pleased with my teeth so far and I can’t stop smiling! I had felt self-conscious before, so it means a lot to be able to smile with confidence now – even my family are surprised by how perfect my teeth look!

The whole experience has been really positive for me, from the helpful appointment reminders by text, to the attentive and caring staff, the clean environment, and, of course, the results that I am now enjoying – it’s a big thumbs up all round from me. I’ve even recommended some of my friends to join Evolve Dentistry as patients, which they have, and I highly advise anyone else to do the same!’

Joel had orthodontic treatment using fixed metal brackets, which gave him the results he was looking for and it’s wonderful for us to see him smiling so much now. We’re looking forward to completing his treatment with a veneer and a bridge, and we can’t wait to see the final results. If there’s something about your smile that you’ve always been unhappy with, give us a call on 01275 842550 to book a consultation.

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