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Invisalign® – The Discreet Alternative To Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are really effective, but we also offer an amazing, discreet aligner system that eliminates most of the worries you might have about conventional straightening methods. It’s called Invisalign® – which sets a high standard in comfort and convenience – and it’s virtually invisible. This means you can enjoy each day with confidence, while seeing constant improvements in your smile.

The Invisalign® system uses discrete, custom-made, clear trays that fit snugly over your teeth for maximum comfort. They’re removed when you eat, eliminating thoughts of trapped food, plus when you brush and floss, you can get your teeth brilliantly clean without negotiating wires or brackets. It’s been perfected over a 20-year period, and successfully corrected alignment issues for millions of patients worldwide. They’re thin, yet tough and durable – and will guide your teeth into a more flattering alignment with firm, gentle precision, typically in around 12-months.

To help decide if Invisalign is for you, we use a digital system called ClinCheck that creates a short, 3D animated movie of how your smile will gradually change through each transition – and what the end result will be. Prior to going ahead with treatment, you will be shown your Clincheck and know exactly how your new smile will look.

With our commitment to clear and inclusive pricing, everything you need for a straighter, brighter smile can be discussed in a friendly, free appointment with our Treatment Co-ordinators here at Evolve.

Patients tell us it’s a great investment in their smile, and while there’s no one-size fits all price, most complete treatments are around £3500 including regular review appointments, follow-up appointments for up to a year, retainers, both fixed and removable, and free tooth whitening – which many dentists charge for separately. You can also spread the cost of your treatment over the time it takes to complete it with an easy monthly payment plan.

So if you’ve always wanted to bring your smile to life, with minimum discomfort, and have been put-off for whatever reason by “ugly” braces, Invisalign® might be the best-kept secret you’ve been searching for.

If you’d like to know a bit more, call us today on 01275 842550, or if it’s more convenient, drop us an email at hello@evolve-dentistry.co.uk

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