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Is Snoring Ruining Your Relationship?

Most of us snore from time to time, but if disrupted sleep is affecting your relationship, the answer may be simpler than you thought.

For severe sufferers who gasp and choke at night or fall asleep during dinner, there are medical interventions – but the NHS isn’t really there to provide solutions for the many of us who suffer mild to moderate snoring.  So we try ‘miracle cures’, believe old wives’ tales, or chalk it up to being ‘normal’ for middle-aged or overweight men. Or for when we’ve drunk too much.

But the science of snoring is actually relatively simple. During sleep, our throat muscles relax and our tongue drops back causing our airway to reduce in size. The airflow we breathe in becomes turbulent at this pinch point, creating occasional snoring and sighing as we sleep. But for some us of this can be far worse, heavier and frequent.

For the snorer, this can lead to partially awakening the brain many times in the night, leading to daytime drowsiness. But in our experience it’s the partner of the person snoring who suffers the most – and faced with sleepless nights or separate bedrooms, mention it to us during routine dental visits – unaware that Evolve really can help you sort this life-changing issue. It’s far more common than you may think.

We offer a custom made solution called Sleepwell, that could unlock the perfect night’s rest for you and your partner. Its design is as simple as the issue it’s there to solve: It works by helping you hold your bottom jaw slightly forward, by just a few millimetres, freeing-up your airway significantly during sleep. It’s a two-piece guard worn at night that patients agree is surprisingly easy to get used to – and can eliminate or reduce snoring substantially in just a few days.

Many people’s instant reaction is “Oh, I can’t see my partner wearing something at night like that.” But you’re not alone in suffering from snoring, having doubts about there being an easy, effective cure, or believing that wearing something at night is actually far less intrusive than you imagine.

Over time we forget just how debilitating snoring can be – and how tiredness and irritability can test the patience of couples. This is a cost-effective, long-term solution that’s clinically proven to work.

It’s also a simple and informal process to see if Sleepwell might be perfect for you – and in turn your partner – starting with a straightforward 30 minute conversation with us here at Evolve.

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” It doesn’t need to be like that. Please get in touch to see if we can help.

If you’d like more information about our stop snoring device, call us today on 01275 842550

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