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Kate Middleton smile

Kate Middleton Has A Smile Fit For A Princess

Along with 2 billion other people I watched the Royal Wedding last month as Kate Middleton became Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. It was a beautiful ceremony and she looked absolutely stunning, the Royal Family have definitely got a new star.

Her dress had been the subject of intense speculation for months, along with her flowers, her hair, her make-up. She didn’t disappoint, but the one thing that was certain, she would have a huge smile on her face and her smile is a million dollar smile. I cannot help but feel that no matter what she wore, and how her hair was, if she didn’t have her beautiful smile, it might not have had the same stunning effect.

I can only speculate how the Duchess came by her smile, and I think that it would be fair to guess that she may have worn teeth braces when she was younger, but basically she hasn’t had veneers or any other cosmetic enhancement to her teeth. She is lucky enough to have a naturally lovely smile.

At Evolve, we are keen for our patients to explore all options to improve their smile if that is what they would like to do. For some people it’s appropriate to consider veneers to improve the appearance of their teeth, however often the way forward is to consider a brace to move your healthy teeth into the right position, maybe finished with some tooth whitening. By doing this, you don’t need to cut away any of your teeth and you don’t have the ongoing cost of maintaining your veneers.

You no longer need to wear ugly metal braces and it can take as little as 6 months to get a great smile. There are invisible braces and discrete braces, a specialist orthodontist can tell you all the options available to you. I would strongly advise you to always ask your dentist about how a brace can improve your smile, they should be able to refer you to the right orthodontist.

Just remember, if you want maximum impact, you can have the right dress, the right hair, the right shoes, but make sure your smile is gorgeous to complete the picture.

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