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Know The Process: Teeth Whitening And Its Benefits

In recent years, teeth whitening has become a popular solution to creating that dazzling Hollywood smile. But what exactly does the process entail?

The process of whitening your teeth may be a lot simpler than you think. It all begins with a consultation with a trusted dentist. They will provide a comprehensive assessment of the health of your teeth and gums before recommending the best course of treatment. Impressions are then taken of your teeth and bespoke whitening trays are made to fit your teeth. You will also have before photos taken and you must also sign consent for your treatment. At Evolve Dentistry you will then have hygiene therapy to ensure that your teeth are as clean as possible to really make the most of whitening. The hygienist will then show you exactly how to use the whitening trays and the whitening gel.

The gel should be applied for one hour every day over a two week period for optimum whitening. After this time period has finished, the whitening should last for around 3-4 months before any top-up is required, which if carried out regularly only needs to be a day or two. This, however, is directly related to your diet and lifestyle.

It is important to remember that teeth cannot be permanently whitened and any kit that claims to do so could be harmful, or even illegal, please remember that only a dentist can provide teeth whitening legally. Any maintenance that is needed after the initial whitening process will only require a couple days, which makes it a highly manageable process.

Why do it?

There are so many reasons why many people look to whiten their teeth. If you still need a little convincing, however, here are a few that prove this is a fantastic, affordable, and effective option for you.

Daily life can sometimes get the best of us, and no matter how dedicated we are to our daily teeth cleaning regime, it’s not always possible to maintain the teeth’s natural whiteness. Teeth whitening is an affordable and simple to follow process, helping you to breathe a new lease of life into your teeth.

We’ve met hundreds of patients who find that their smiles are a significant source of their poor self-esteem. By undergoing the simple process of whitening your teeth, you’re sure to fall back in love with your smile again, which will dramatically improve your self-confidence.

With the festive season well and truly upon us, now is the perfect time to whiten, brighten, and show off your dazzling smile. Don’t forget, your smile is your best accessory, so it’s important to keep it looking its best.


Your diet and lifestyle could significantly impact the quality of whiteness after completing the process. Foods and drinks that are likely to stain the teeth, such as tea, coffee and red wine should be limited to ensure that your teeth stay whiter for longer. You should also be aware that smoking can also discolour your teeth.

There are multiple companies that advertise at home kits to achieve a beautifully white smile. While this is not the case for every company you come across, there is always the possibility that they are operating illegally or using chemicals that could actually be harmful to you if used incorrectly, remember, only registered Dentists can prescribe home whitening gel. By opting to work with an experienced dentist you can guarantee that you’ll be provided with effective products of the highest quality from professionals you can trust.

It is also important to remember that the teeth whitening gel will only work on natural tooth material, therefore if you have any crowns, bridges, or fillings these will not be affected. If you were looking to have any cosmetic work completed as well, it is recommended that whitening is done first.

At Evolve Dentistry, Portishead, our crack team of highly qualified and experienced dentists are on hand to help you throughout your teeth whitening journey. You don’t even need to be a regular client to book an appointment, so contact the team today to see how we can help you create the dazzling, white smile of your dreams. Only £249 including hygiene therapy.

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