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Lara Can’t Believe Her Confidence

Lara had felt self-conscious about her smile for over 20 years. She had experienced significant trouble with her teeth since the age of 11, and even required early orthodontic work in the form of braces. Following a friend’s recommendation, and years of embarrassment, Lara contacted Evolve Dentistry to begin her journey to the smile she deserved.

The primary goal for Lara was to repair her damaged teeth to achieve the beautifully straight and white smile. She was an avid mountain biker, and subsequently maintained a significant level of damage, and had left her teeth in relatively poor condition.

A friend’s recommendation.

Whilst she’d attempted to have treatment previously, Lara never felt confident enough to proceed with the process. When she discovered that a close friend of hers was undergoing treatment with Evolve, in preparation for her wedding, Lara was amazed at the results. She quickly got in touch with the staff at Evolve, whose knowledge and expertise immediately reassured her, allowing her to feel confident in proceeding with the process.

Reassurance every step of the way.

Lara admitted that she experienced a great deal anxiety in prior to beginning the process, and this was one of the primary reasons she had not undergone treatment earlier. She explained that she would often build-up the treatment in her mind prior to her appointments, becoming increasingly anxious over whether or not the treatment would achieve the desired results. Her team of experts were on hand at all times to comfort and encourage her, providing relaxation methods and reassuring Lara of exactly what the process would be.

Under the expert hands of Dr. Jonathon Sproson, and dental nurse, Louwrencia Spinola, Lara opted for a combination of veneers, and crowns, to achieve her preferred results. By opting for these cosmetic solutions, Evolve was able to resolve Lara’s concerns over her damaged front line of teeth, as caused by her early mountain bike accidents, and ultimately improved her smile and overall self-confidence.

And now?

Lara is delighted with her new smile. After some early anxiety, and diligent support from the team at Evolve, she no longer feels insecure about her teeth.

“I can’t even explain how amazing it feels, it’s been a really long process. It’s always had a massive effect on my confidence and my persona. It just meant the world to me to get them done. And now they’re done! And they’re beautiful and the process has been incredible! The team has been so flexible and really caring, they really homed in on what it meant to me as an individual.”

Watch her short reaction video to see just how much the treatment meant to Lara, and see the results that the staff at Evolve were able to achieve.

The team at Evolve were delighted with Lara’s reaction, and it truly meant a great deal to see how much the treatment had improved her confidence.

Bristol-based, Evolve Dentistry, specialises in cosmetic and general dentistry, braces, and emergency care, offering top quality dental care with affordability in mind. With a friendly and personable team offering years of expertise and experience, we strive to ensure that all our customers leave with a gleaming smile on their face.

If you’re looking to begin the process to improve your smile, contact Evolve Dentistry, Portishead, today.

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