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Lip fillers at Evolve

What are the best lip fillers?

We use lip fillers based on hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your own skin, as this gives the most natural-looking results and is a temporary filler, being naturally absorbed by the body over time. This also reduces the risk of an allergic reaction given that it’s not derived from other animal sources, unlike bovine-derived collagen.

Can lip injections look natural?

Yes, in the right hands. As a qualified Dentist, Carol relies on her intimate understanding of the facial muscles to inject with precision and skill in and around the lips, adopting a ‘less is more’ approach to produce a natural-looking and safe result. Lips contours can be subtly enhanced, restoring lost definition and volume. No ‘trout pouts’ here. We’re never happier than when patients tell us that their friends haven’t noticed they’ve had lip fillers, just how well they look!

Do fillers work for smokers’ lines?

Yes, lip fillers – especially hyaluronic acid-based ones like Juvederm and Teoxane – are popular choices for plumping and softening the appearance of vertical smokers’ lines around the mouth. The added bonus of injecting hyaluronic acid is that it will also help to improve the quality of the skin, given its astonishing ability to attract and retain moisture.

Do lip injections hurt?

The lip area is particularly sensitive, so Carol will numb it using dental block prior to your lip fillers treatment, just as she would if you were having a filling, so that all you will feel is a tiny scratch and slight pressure as she carries out the treatment. Temporary tenderness is common following treatment but will usually go away within a few hours.

How long do lip fillers last?

The effects of hyaluronic acid-based fillers are not always as immediate as with synthetic fillers, but they do tend to last longer, typically 6-9 months. You can help maintain and even enhance the results by keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised whilst always being sure to avoid massaging the area, as this can disperse the filler. Fillers are not permanent and your lips will eventually go back to normal as the hyaluronic acid is naturally dissolved and absorbed back into the body.

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