My Six Month Smiles journey is going well…..

I had my second adjustment appointment with Carol today, this time I knew exactly what to expect. I have been amazed at how my teeth have moved and how much straighter they are, even after just 8 weeks people are  noticing!!

I feel that my top teeth are almost straight now though my lower teeth are going to take a bit longer but they were worse and they have moved considerably in the 8 short weeks that I have been wearing my braces.

We have a family wedding at the end of June but I don’t think my bottom teeth will have moved enough to take my brace off, but I am hoping that Carol  might agree that I may be able to have the top ones removed. I don’t want to take them off too soon after all this, I want them to be perfect.

It felt good once I had the adjustment, I have been away this weekend and I could really feel them moving again Once again I have been completely pain free. A couple of  our patients have been in this week to have their braces taken off and seeing how beautiful their teeth look, I can’t wait now.

BARKER, Justine - 9427My teeth now

BARKER, Justine - 9014

My teeth before I started with Six Month Smiles

Well, that’s it for now, I’ll let you know how I get on next time.



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