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NHS and Private Orthodontic Options for Teens

Exploring NHS and Private Orthodontic Options for Teens in Portishead, Bristol

For children and teenagers with misaligned teeth, the prospect of obtaining braces through the NHS can be a game-changer. Straight teeth not only enhance confidence but also simplify oral care.

Due to limited availability, in order to receive NHS orthodontic treatment a child is required to meet specific criteria. If your child does meet the criteria, then there is usually a lengthy wait which often lead to many teens outgrowing their eligibility before receiving treatment.

In response, some parents are opting for private orthodontics right from the start. This enables their child to start treatment quickly with a local orthodontist.

We’ve outlined how NHS orthodontics could benefit your teenager below.

Who Qualifies for NHS Braces?

For your teenager to receive NHS orthodontic treatment, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Age under 18 at the start of treatment.
  • Demonstrated health need for treatment, assessed by the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).
  • Grade 4 or 5 on the IOTN, while grade 3 cases may be assessed on an individual basis.

Securing a Referral for NHS Orthodontics

Your general dentist will monitor the development of your childs teeth and assess the need for any orthodontic treatment. This typically begins around the age of 12.

If you believe your teenager might benefit from orthodontics then discuss this with your dentist, who can carry out an evaluation to determine if your teenager should be added to the NHS waiting list.

Understanding the IOTN Criteria:

  • Grade 1: Near perfection.
  • Grade 2: Minor imperfections, like slightly irregular or protruding teeth.
  • Grade 3: Moderate imperfections, typically not requiring treatment for health reasons.
  • Grade 4: Severe imperfections requiring attention for health reasons, including bite-related functionality issues.
  • Grade 5: The most severe dental problems, including crowding issues.

Teens with grade 4 and 5 issues will be referred to an orthodontist, while those with grade 3 issues will be evaluated by your dentist.

Aesthetic Component Assessment

This assessment considers the aesthetic benefits of orthodontics. Using 10 colour photographs showing varying levels of dental attractiveness, your orthodontist will match the patients current smile to these images. If they receive a rating of 6 or higher and also have grade 3 imperfections, they may qualify for free treatment.

If your teenager has grade 3 imperfections and is deemed unsuitable for NHS orthodontics, seeking private treatment is a common alternative. Grade 3 doesn’t mean that braces wouldn’t be beneficial; it simply means that they aren’t available via the NHS.

Navigating Waiting Times

The current waiting time for an assessment for NHS braces is approximately two years. With a further waiting list to start treatment ranging for 1-2 years.

Considering the extended waiting times, some parents choose private orthodontics immediately to ensure timely treatment and avoid further misalignment.

At Evolve Dentistry, we offer private orthodontic options for children starting at just £1,750.

Benefits of Private Orthodontics

We understand that your child’s oral health is of utmost importance. Opting for private orthodontics provides several advantages:

  • Treatment can commence on your schedule, bypassing referral wait times.
  • A broader range of treatment options, including fixed and removable aligners.
  • No referral requirements – if your child requires braces for health or aesthetic reasons, treatment can begin without meeting specific criteria beforehand.
  • Competitive pricing, with treatment starting at just £1,750 for teen orthodontics.

Even if your teenager is currently on the NHS waiting list for orthodontics and you’d like to find out more about treatment with Lisa our Orthodontist, get in touch with our team to book a consultation today.

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