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Reviews For Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an amazing new technology within the world of orthodontic treatments which allows us to undertake rapid orthodontics with tooth coloured braces in times never before seen. Traditional train track braces can take much longer than the new six month smiles orthodontics and being so much more obvious they tend to be less in demand nowadays.

With more and more patients opting for the six month smiles technique we thought it would be a good idea to review some patients that have been seen with this orthodontic system, looking at before and after photographs to see what results it’s possible to achieve.

Six Month Smiles case review 1

As you can see from the before photographs this patients front teeth were somewhat rotated, one of the big things that many patients find they dislike when they have crooked teeth is the black triangles which appear between the ages of the teeth. Notice in the after photograph how these black triangles have disappeared with the upper teeth fully overlapping the lower teeth in an attractive smile.

Six Month Smiles case review 2

Gaps between the two front teeth are known as a diastema and this is what this patient complained about. The advantage with using six month smiles and orthodontic therapies rather than the more invasive dental veneers is that we can maintain the natural tooth structure. This is important as a dentist to ensure that we keep the tooth as strong as possible. In some instances we can move teeth with six month smiles and then provide a small amount of dental bonding, using a tooth coloured composite material, to make small adjustments to the shape of each tooth.

Six Month Smiles case review 3

Once again this lady disliked the diastema between the two front teeth, using the Six Month Smiles technique it is possible to close this space and completely rejuvenate a smile.

Six Month Smiles case review 4

In this instance you can see that the front teeth are considerably rotated. It is also worth pointing out that if you look in the before photograph the tips of the teeth were slightly jagged and rough, possibly through chipping. Once this lady had her teeth straightened with six month smiles you can see in the after photograph that the tips of the teeth have been smoothed off.

Six month smiles is an excellent technique to move teeth, and much like the result in case review three it is possible to adjust the shape of the teeth either by adding a tooth coloured material, or as in this case, removing jagged and rough areas.

Six Month Smiles case review 5

As you can see in this photograph the technique can be used for quite severely crooked teeth. This patient disliked the fact that the teeth between the centrals and the canines, known as the laterals, were inset. This creates large dark areas of shadow which has the overall effect of making the teeth look dark. When teeth are rotated or setback people often think that teeth whitening will solve the problem, however the shadows still exists. Only by moving the teeth back into their correct alignment will the shadow, and therefore the darkness, be removed.

What results can you expect with six month smiles?

Not every person is suitable for six month smiles and it depends if you have existing crowns and veneers or how dentally fit you are. The system works by gently bonding orthodontic brackets to your teeth, if you have crowns or other restorations this can become more complicated and if your teeth are not in a good condition then it may also not be possible to move them.

Generally speaking, if you have your natural teeth and they are all in a good condition then you may well be suitable for this treatment.

Evolve dentistry is a local dental practice on the outskirts of Bristol, we offer a free cosmetic consultation is to patients interested in the six month smiles technique, please visit our website and download your free voucher for your cosmetic consultation.

We are happy to see patients from around the Bristol, Portishead and Clevedon areas.

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