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Smile Makeovers – How Can The People Of Bristol Benefit?

What does a smile makeover from our practice in Bristol help with.

a smile makeover is the name for a collection of dental treatments all designed to help you smile with more confidence. Generally speaking a smile makeover will consist of a few of these treatments, sometimes all of them, it rather depends on the current situation and how you want your smile to look afterwards.

These are the standard treatments that are used in a smile makeover.

  • Orthodontics to straighten teeth.
  • Teeth whitening to whiten, lighten and brighten your teeth.
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth.
  • Dental veneers or instant dental veneers with bonding to restore broken down teeth.
  • Dental crowns or bridges to restore broken down teeth.
  • If you are to have a smile makeover then it is a good idea to ensure that your dental practice is proficient in all of these disciplines.

For example, a dental practice that does not do orthodontics may decide to straighten your crooked teeth by covering the front of them with a dental veneer. In itself this treatment is perfectly valid, however modern advances in orthodontic therapy mean we are able to provide straighter teeth to patients with a more conservative approach.

Even patients who do not wish for others to know that they are having cosmetic dentistry with a smile makeover can opt to have clear and invisible braces.

Many patients want a rapid improvement, and seek smile makeovers with veneers in order to achieve this. Once again this may be the correct treatment option, however the Inman Aligner is a new orthodontic option which can straighten teeth in around 10 weeks. The advantage of having a smile makeover with orthodontics is that you retain your natural teeth, which is a far more holistic way to have a smile makeover, and comes with the advantage that there are no restorations such as veneers or crowns that could possibly break.

The final part to a smile makeover using orthodontics is then to whiten teeth using teeth whitening. Any small chips or pits in teeth can then be filled or restored using dental bonding, or as some people call them instant veneers.

This modern approach to smile make overs is often called align, bleach, bond. As the teeth our first aligned, then bleached, then bonded to create the final makeover result.

In days gone by a small makeover would always have consisted of dental crowns or veneers as this was the only way to treat crooked or broken down teeth. And whilst this is still an excellent treatment option that is used by our practice in Bristol. Wherever possible we prefer to do the most mthisinimally invasive treatment that we can, which is why we like orthodontics, then teeth whitening then finally bonding.

Evolve dentistry is your local dental practice in Portishead, Bristol with an ultra modern environment where you can be seen in complete relaxation, and even enjoy a glass of champagne while you wait if you wish to.

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