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Spotlight On BioClear Dental Bonding

Repairing gaps between teeth and above the gums, uneven teeth, chips in teeth and discolouration.

There are a number of reasons why people have often chosen veneers in the past when looking at cosmetic dentistry. However, once fitted there is no going back as the shape of the tooth can be permanently altered. A commitment that many find too much to make, plus veneers usually need to be replaced about every 10 years which can become costly over your lifetime.

Bonding is an excellent, beautiful alternative option. This is a composite resin applied by your dentist using adhesives and a visible blue light to bond the material to your tooth. Traditional bonding has a place but there are some other really superb, strong alternatives. The BioClear method was developed in the US as a type of bonding process that provides a more precise, stronger and attractive result. Our Clinical Director here at Evolve Dentistry in Portishead, Carol Somerville Roberts, is one of the few accredited dentists in the UK in this method and is able to offer the service to our patients.

BioClear comes under the term of minimally invasive dentistry. These are treatments that preserve all or most of tooth structure, often requiring no injections to carry out the work. The treatment itself is faster than other options like veneers and less expensive. It also lasts an exceptionally long time. On average BioClear composites last up to ten years.

The technique uses thermal injection moulding of the composite into special anatomical matrices. The composite material can be colour matched exactly to suit your teeth. Once the matrices are taken away you’re left with a smooth, gorgeously shiny composite which is polished to a Rock Star Finish. An unique part of the process are the anatomical matrices, which sit below the gum line. This means that there are no telltale lines or an unnatural look to the tooth. Indeed it will look exactly like it a natural tooth emerging from the gum.

The composite can be used as a filling giving your teeth back their natural look. An ideal use of the Bioclear method is closing black triangles, the gaps at the bottom of teeth making the teeth look skeletal. An incredible one-third of all adults suffer from this. Bone loss and/or a receding gumline are the main reasons why these happen and are often associated with old age. However, they also happen when teeth move, leaving people with what feels like a prematurely ageing smile.

Because of the way the technique uses forms to create a tight contact with the tooth, the gum can fill in the space and recreate a more youthful and healthier smile.

The technique helps with bigger gaps too called diastemas. While Madonna has made the gap in between her front teeth into a trademark, and many of us find such gaps charming and unique, others aren’t quite so comfortable with having such a prominent feature in their mouths. This gap isn’t harmful to your teeth and won’t necessarily cause dental problems, but if you do want to close the gap then the Bioclear technique can provide a really natural result.

Sometimes Mother Nature decides she isn’t going to grow all our teeth at the same rate. Or even the same size. That cute little stumpy tooth growing out in an 8-year-olds smile doesn’t always feel so cute when they’re an adult and it’s still little and stumpy.

Teeth that haven’t grown to their full capacity make a smile look a little uneven, and because BioClear composites can be used with high-quality shaded composites, it’s possible to build up a tooth to match the original exactly.

Then, finally, there is the technique’s piece de resistance. Its truly unique feature, which creates a completely natural finish to the tooth. Its final polish, also known as the Rock Star Polish. You’ll never be able to see where the old tooth ends and the new begins and it lasts really well. This technique has been almost a lifesaver for many adults who have had their front teeth chipped or worn away.

For more information on how BioClear could improve your smile, contact us at Evolve Dentistry, your Portishead dentist, today.

Before BioClear Dental Bonding

After BioClear Dental Bonding

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