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Suffering With Face Or Neck Pain? We Might Have The Solution

At Evolve Dentistry in Portishead, Bristol, we speak to many patients who are experiencing symptoms such as unexplained facial or neck pain, clicking or locking jaws, regular headaches, or ringing in the ears.

Often, these patients have seen countless healthcare professionals to try to get to the bottom of the problem, seeking a solution or a way to ease the pain. Having to make appointments with countless therapists and never finding a solution can feel soul destroying and, in some cases, begin a spiral into depression and a feeling of helplessness.

In cases like these we often find that the problem is due to an unbalanced jaw or bite, something we callTMJ or occlusion issues, which means that the teeth don’t fit together in the way that they should do. This can lead to bruxism, which is the medical term for grinding the teeth (usually at night) and stress can make the problem worse and is often the trigger or underlying cause in the first instance. Added to that, tooth grinding can actually wear down or break the teeth over time, leading to problems like sensitivity or an unappealing smile due to shortened or broken teeth.

Jonathan Sproson has completed hundreds of hours of training on this subject and is a member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies. This is great news for patients because Jonathan’s vast experience in this area means that he understands what you’re going through and can offer tried and tested solutions that could help you in the same way as many of our existing patients. Not only that, he can also offer practical advice on how you can also ease the symptoms through reducing stress factors.

Don’t suffer in silence, if any of these or similar symptoms are affecting your daily life don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01275 842550 for an appointment with one of our friendly dentists who will only be too pleased to help.

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