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The First Few Days Of My Six Month Smile Journey

In my first blog entry, I explained why I decided to have Six Month Smiles, this is my progress after 2 weeks.
The first few days of my Six Month Smiles brace

It really has not been as bad as I thought it would be, eating is the worst bit,  but it does stop you snacking, so good for the diet!! I find I have to chop everything up a bit smaller and place it into the middle of my mouth and chew with my back teeth. I am also very conscious of having any food trapped in my brace so I make sure I carry my little cleaning kit around with me which I was given at the brace on appointment. Tepe Brushes are great for getting in between the brace and your teeth around the gums and my toothbrush does the rest. My teeth are a bit achey and on Saturday night I was a bit worried as they felt a little loose!! But Carol assured me this does happen and it proves my teeth are actually moving. It is a bit tender to bite together and my gums feel a bit sore under my top lip where the brace is rubbing. I have used quite a lot of the wax over the past few nights and that really does help. I made the mistake of having a curry, Carol did warn me that it may stain my brace and sure enough next morning it was a bit yellow!!! But a little Pearl Drops toothpaste, the whitening one, worked wonders and it was back to normal after two brushes.

Second week
I have gotten a bit more used to it now, sometimes I actually forget I have it, eating is a bit easier. I went on a girls night out at the weekend and I was dreading everyone seeing my brace but nobody really noticed.  I found myself telling people before they actually said anything to me… At work its been quite interesting some of the more frequent patients have asked me all about it and its good swapping stories and info with other Six Month Smile patients.

Day 14
I have not had to use any wax for about 5 days now so I think my lips and cheeks are just getting used to this brace in my mouth and I am not so conscious of it. Its odd but it was aching again today at the front bottom and I think its because they are moving. I can’t get the Tepe brushes between the same gaps as last week, its fascinating. Carol took some pics this afternoon as I am going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks and it was amazing comparing the pictures they have already begun to move and I cant wait to see when I come back if they have moved any more!

You can see the teeth beginning to move, it’s great to be able to see this progress!

More when I get back from my holidays.

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