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The misery of hay fever – tips to try to ease the season

If you’re a hay fever sufferer, you might have greeted spring’s arrival with trepidation.

For some people, hay fever takes over their life. They check the daily pollen count and wonder if they’ll be able to get through an outdoor gathering. Itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing… if you haven’t experienced hay fever, it’s hard to understand how miserable it can make you feel.

A longer season
The problem is that the ‘season’ is getting longer and it’s not about grass pollen either. In autumn, for example, some react to mould spores from decomposing leaves. As the climate gets warmer, new plant species are now arriving in the UK, such as ragweed. This is a strong allergenic which produces pollen in vast quantities. The ragweed season peaks in the early autumn and does not decline until November. If you had years without any signs of hay fever, but are now overwhelmed, new plant species could be why.

Over-the-counter antihistamines can help, but there is no guarantee. Sometimes, a medication that once controlled all your symptoms, stops working. Or they can make you feel ‘stuffy’, drowsy, or leave you with an uncomfortable dry mouth. Dry mouth can increase the likelihood of cavities, gum disease and bad breath. If you do take antihistamines, you likely had to experiment until you found a brand that suited you best.

Help yourself to feel better
Practical tips include staying hydrated, to combat the drying effect of decongestants. Drinking plenty of water will rinse the oral cavity. Ensure your dental hygiene routine is correct and thorough, for the same reason. Shower and wash your hair when you get home, to remove optimal pollen. Dry your clothes inside and consider buying a special filter for your vacuum cleaner. Wiping surfaces can remove tiny deposits. Some people swear by petroleum jelly over the nostrils, to create a barrier. Other products to buy over-the-counter claim to do the same job. If management is not working, or if quality of life is being affected, contact your GP.

Keep a diary of your symptoms, to try and keep ahead of the game and anticipate when hay fever could strike. It may be trial and error, but you could find the recipe for a more comfortable spring, summer and beyond.

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