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The People Of Bristol Ask, What Are Incognito Braces?

“Incognito™ is an alternative to conventional metal train track braces”

Our Incognito™ Lingual Bracket System is available from our Bristol dental practice and represents a new era of tooth braces, providing straight teeth invisibly to a wie age range of people.

This tooth movement system is placed behind the teeth so that they are invisible to anyone else as they are on the inside of your mouth! Incognito™ braces are custom made for each person and as such are the only metal braces system that is designed this way. The braces are made with modern technology to exactly match the internal contours of your teeth making them thin, smooth and comfortable to wear.

Why are Incognito™ braces so good?

    • Braces made for you: each braces is custom designed and manufactured for each patient
    • Cosmetic: No one will ever know you are wearing braces as they are on the inside of your teeth
    • Rapid: We can achieve straight teeth in a relatively short period of time
    • Comfortable: There is minimal discomfort and the braces barely affect your speech. If there is any affect you will rapidly adapt to the changes
    • Quality: the system can be used on a variety of crooked, squint and uneven tooth positions
    • Age: Incognito™ is suitable for a wide age range
    • Kind: conventional braces can leave a white spot on the front of your teeth which is visible after removal, as Incognito™ is on the inside this effect is not visible
    • Easy: we need to make fewer adjustments to the wires which results in fewer appointments at the Orthodontist

The Incognito™ braces are also made from gold which means that any sensitivity is vastly reduced.

Incognito™ are available from our Bristol based orthodontic practice and are part of the variety of invisible orthodontic systems that we offer the people of Portishead and Bristol.

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