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The People Of Bristol Relax With Dental Sedation

Are you anxious off visiting the dentist?

Do get yourself worked up about visiting the dentist?

Then perhaps dental sedation is your solution. This blog post is dedicated to helping the local people of Bristol and Portishead relax at the dentist with the varying forms of dental sedation.

What are the different types of dental sedation?

In our practice in Bristol, we used to forms of dental sedation.

    • RA sedation
    • IV sedation

RA Sedation

This there is commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas. The gas is nitrous oxide and is the same as the gas that is used during childbirth and on emergency ambulances to reduce pain. The RA sedation happy gas produces a sense of euphoria. The feelings then wear off very quickly, leading to a rapid recovery. This means that you will be fully aware of what is going on around you, but you simply won’t care!

IV Sedation

This for of sedation is administered intravenously with a small injection. It allows you to feel as though you are asleep and to totally relax, often with no recollection at all of anything that has happened during the dental procedure. For patients that are severely anxious or nervous of the dentist, this form of dental sedation is often preferred due to its slightly stronger effects.

Dental treatments with sedation

any treatment that is normally undertaken at the dentist can be done with dental sedation. This includes things like dental veneers or crowns, root canal treatments and dental extractions. Sedation is a very versatile option for helping patients overcome their dental fear or anxiety.

Free guide to understanding more about dental sedation

To help the local Bristol and Portishead people with more information about dental sedation, we have written a free guide to overcoming dental fear with sedation techniques. This is a comprehensive dental sedation e-mail series which talks about relaxing at the dentist, and then gives more information about the options for sedation within dentistry. You can download your dental sedation information pack here.

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