Tired of being tired?

Not getting enough sleep can affect your daily routine and make you feel run down and irritable. Drowsiness can cause accidents on the road, so if driving or operating heavy machinery plays a big part in your working life then getting the right amount of sleep is essential. Sleep is also important for our development and memory, our health and wellbeing, and even our sex drive!

One of the most common causes of sleepless nights is snoring, and whether it’s you or your partner that’s the culprit, the chances are it’s affecting you both. Snoring occurs when the tongue drops to the back of the throat reducing the size of the airway. Depending on the severity, snoring can lead to disturbed sleep and is often the cause for people sleeping in separate rooms.

Snoring is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about and there are a few tricks that can help. Being overweight can add to the problem so weight loss, under medical supervision if required, can often be beneficial. Reducing smoking and alcohol consumption can play an important part, too.

At Evolve Dentistry in Bristol, we’re pleased to offer the Sleepwell device as a solution to snoring and sleep apnoea. This is a custom-made mouthpiece produced within our laboratory from impressions that we’ll take at your first appointment. It works by stopping the back of the jaw dropping and thus preventing the partial airway closure that leads to snoring. It has a soft inner lining, is very comfortable and also allows the user to adjust it to maximise effectiveness.

The great thing about the Sleepwell device is that you’ll start seeing the results as soon as you’re used to wearing it. For patients who snore this can take a few weeks but for many, it’s almost immediate.

If you’re tired of being tired and crave some uninterrupted sleep, then contact us to see if the Sleepwell device could benefit you. Just call 01275 842550 to book your free consultation.

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