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Top Tips For Looking After Your Children’s Teeth

Dental health is extremely important. An extensive dental hygiene routine is essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and keeping them in top condition, and this is an important message for all to take note of from a young age.

Starting your kids on a regular dental hygiene routine is imperative for helping them to learn the importance of taking care of their teeth as well as getting into the habit of doing so, so here are some top tips for looking after your children’s teeth.

1. Start young

It is never too young to start teaching your child how to brush their teeth properly. As soon as their first teeth come through at about 6 months, start brushing their teeth twice a day. You can use a tiny bit of adult toothpaste on a soft brush. Adults should brush their children’s teeth until at least 7 or 8 years of age. It is tempting to let your child start to do this before this age but a lot of adult teeth start to come through from about 5 and a half, so they must be kept as clean as possible.

2. Be a shining example

Children learn best from their parents, so you need to be an example to them. Make sure you have your brushing routine in check and when teaching your kids and brush your teeth alongside them. When your child sees you doing this, they are likely to copy you and get into the habit themselves. Reinforce the fact that sugary snacks can be bad for the teeth, but make sure you follow through with that yourself.

3. Make teeth-brushing a fun activity

Kids may not like or enjoy brushing their teeth. They may find it a boring task so, make it fun! There are several apps that you can download for free that can make it fun and time them for the full 2 minutes.

4. Take them to the dentist regularly

In order for them to get into the habit of maintaining oral health, make sure you schedule in regular trips to the dentist for your children so that they understand the importance of routine examinations, and so that the dentist can see that their teeth are in the right condition.

At Evolve Dentistry we aim to ensure that all patients – including children – are receiving the right care and treatment for their teeth and general oral health. We offer advice too, so if you are having any trouble looking after your child’s teeth then feel free to get in touch with us and we will help you.

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