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Who Wants A Hollywood Smile?

Is this your idea of a perfect Hollywood smile?


For years the Americans have laughed at us for having awful teeth this side of the pond, the British teeth are a joke. I have just come back from my fifth British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conference and I know that here in England we are leading the way in many areas of dentistry, and we understand that most of our patients want a natural smile, not a perfect smile.

Or  is this your idea of a “natural” Hollywood smile?


This patient has a natural beautiful smile, not a veneer in sight!! This was carried out using an Inman Aligner in about 12 weeks, though this case was not done by me at Evolve. We do offer the Inman Aligner, which is a removable brace that moves teeth very quickly using gently forces. There are lots of other ways to create a beautiful natural smile, whitening, bonding, braces or simply reshaping.

Increasingly in the 21st century, we dentists are very conscious that we don’t want to cut teeth to place veneers on them until all other options are explored, you may not realise what the options are available.

  • Tooth whitening, this should always be done by a dental professional
  • Braces, they can be tooth coloured, invisible, or removable and sometimes treatment only takes a few weeks
  • Reshaping, this is a simple process that slightly  changes the shape of your teeth but can make a dramatic difference
  • Bonding, this is when small amounts of tooth coloured filling is bonded to your teeth, again making a big difference

Maybe you should ask your dentist how you can get your own natural “Hollywood” smile.

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